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Papaya cultivation California lately many farmers ogled

Papaya cultivation California lately many farmers ogled. Papaya California is a new papaya varieties currently the most loved by the farmers due to promising higher profits. Papaya California also has its own advantages, the sweeter the fruit, durable, and can be harvested more quickly when compared with other varieties of papaya.

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Terms grows
For cultivation of papaya California, there are some things about the terms you need to know to grow crops. Papaya grows in lowland California at an altitude of 700 - 1000 meters above sea level, with rainfall 1000 - 2000 mm / year, at the optimum temperature 22-26 degrees Celsius and the humidity around 40%. By the time the wind is not too strong is an excellent time for pollination, as well as by factors in addition ditunjung fertile soil, friable, contains a lot of humus and hold water, as well as quite ideal soil pH between 6 -7 (neutral).
• Requirements seed The seeds should be prepared as seeds taken from ripe fruits from the trees right and choice. Fruit is the fruit of the last option taken halved and seeds. Seeds then washed until the skin that envelops the wasted seed and dry shady place. Fresh seed is a good seed is used as a seed. Seed should not be taken out of the fruit is too ripe / old and from old trees. • Preparation of seed For each hectare, seed takes as much as 60 grams (± 2000 crop). Atonik seeds soaked with a solution of 2 cc / liter in 1-2 hours, drained, and then strewn Natural GLIO, newly seeded with polybag size 20 x 15 cm. The medium used was a mixture of 2 buckets of sifted soil, and add 1 bucket of manure that has been cooked and sieved then added 50 grams of mashed TSP • seeding technique - Seeds planted at a depth of 1 cm and cover with soil. Watering is done every day. Seeds that have germinated looks to grow after 12-15 days. With a height of about 15-20 cm or 45-60 days of age were stepping on, the seedlings are ready to be planted. - The seeds can be directly planted / sown earlier. Seeding is done 2 or 3 months before the seedlings were transferred to the garden. • Maintenance of seedlings

PokerVoVo.com Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia In the nursery, seeds sown in rows with a distance of 5-10 cm. Seeds should not be submerged deep, just 1 cm. The seeds will grow after 3 weeks of planting. With a 1-week intervals, spray Atonik EM4 mixed according to recommended dosage. • Transfer of seedlings

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