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The desired temperature between

The desired temperature between 21-34 degrees maize crop C , but for ideal plant growth requires dserajat optimum temperature between 23-27 C. In the process of seed germination of corn requires a suitable temperature around 30 degrees C.
Agen Bola Tangkas5 . Currently the fall corn harvest in the dry season will be better than in the rainy season , because the effect on seed ripening time and drying results .
1 . Corn does not require special soil requirements . In order to be able to grow optimum soil should be loose, fertile and rich in humus .
2 . Arable land type among others andosol corn , latosol , grumosol , sandy soil . In soils with heavy texture can still be planted to corn with good results with good soil processing . As for the texture of the soil with clay / clay dust is best for growth .
3 . Acidity of the soil are closely related to the availability of plant nutrients . Acidity of the soil is good for growing corn crop is between 5.6 to 7.5 .
4 . Corn plants need soil aeration and water availability in good condition .
5 . Lands with a slope of less than 8 % can be planted with corn , because there the possibility of soil erosion is very small . While areas with slopes greater than 8 % , should be performed prior terrace formation .
Corn can be grown in Indonesia from lowlands to mountainous areas with an elevation between 1000-1800 m above sea level . Optimum altitude between 0-600 m above sea level is a good height for the growth of corn plants .

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