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Jumat, 29 November 2013

Peluang Usaha Masa Kini Yang Cukup Populer

The increasing number of Internet users is currently making business opportunities are opening wide . Even many conventional businesses that then switch to using the internet to market products they sell
Online business can be done anyone and anywhere, no Internet connection is essential and sufficient devices . No wonder , now many online businesses that managed to get a regular income from the obat penbesar penis vimax Internet even if they only work from home .
Below are some business opportunities that are popular today and many done by successful entrepreneurs :
1 . Cafe Gaul Life Music
Utilizing social habits of man as a creature who likes hanging out with his friends . They definitely need a place and a container that can make them comfortable together. Well , one of the cafe is a very suitable place to gather together . This business opportunity can be used in the best munkgin by businessmen who understand how to manage a cafe slang .
2 . Online games
Many young people who love to play games online with his friends . It became one of the entertainment venues that young people today is booming in urban areas , such as Jakarta . That makes online gaming more interesting is the players can interact with other players wherever they are . This business opportunity is certainly very feasible to be used . However , we need to know that the capital to build the business of online games is quite large .
3 . Making Coffee
Coffee is one beverage that is very popular since the first until now . obat telat bulan Not only parents who likes coffee , kids easy also love coffee . It can be used as a potential business opportunity because it can be combined with other foods and beverages to complement the coffee shop .
4 . Franchise Business
Business this one is perfect for those who have capital but do not know how to start a business . Franchise business allows us to have an established business since we bought the right to use any alat bantu sex other trademark names are well known . Usually the franchisor is willing to provide training and equipment needed to open a franchise .
If you currently have a business and want to start a business , online business opportunities then this could be an option that you can consider . Initial capital costs to build an online business is not as big as when we open up a conventional business , and certainly more flexible in its business . However , an online business also requires hard work and do not give up easily .

Kamis, 28 November 2013

Cepat dan Mudahnya Mencari Backlink PageRank Tinggi Dofollow dengan Out Bond Link Sedikit

How do I find out Blog / Website DoFollow or no-follow - Did you know that every time someone started a blog to self - hosting system such as Blogger ( ) , , sub - domains and other blogs , then setting Blog by default only supports the no- follow attribute . So now we are going to talk about obat aborsi apasih Do- follow blog it , and what are the advantages for us of a dofollow blog . Before we start discussing about How to check for a link or a blog ( or website ) that dofollow or no-follow , we have to know first , apasih dofollow or no-follow it ?Follow - Do- No- follow
Follow - Do- No- follow
Do- follow link is a link with rel HTML attribute that tells each search engine bots to follow this link . In contrast, no-follow links tell any search engine bots not to follow the link.Search engine robots and nofollow links
Search engine robots and nofollow links
But no-follow link is not useful because there is a reason people use the nofollow link and if you post comments or participate in a site or forum that use the nofollow links then it will help you to bring a large number of visitors .
obat telat bulan To put it simply if you want to change the nofollow or dofollow link into , change the anchor tag link as below .If rel = " nofollow " means the search engine bots will consider this link ( no need to follow ) .
<a href="" rel="nofollow"> link text < / a>
If rel = " dofollow " it means that the search engine bots will follow this link .
<a href="" rel="nofollow"> link text < / a>How to Know That a website ( or blog ) is dofollow or nofollow .
There is actually a tool that facilitates all of this , but essentially means , first of all go to any site where we can leave a comment. Then we will see all comments agreed that there is a link of his name . Then right-click on this link to open a pop-up menu . ( shown in the figure below ) and click " Inspect Element " in Google Chrome or " View Source Code / View Source Code" and will see its HTML source code , here we can check whether it is a do-follow link or no-follow .

Quick and Easy Finding High Pagerank backlinks DoFollow with Link Bit ​​Out Bond
Looking for High PR BackLink DofollowJaman first , when alat bantu sex I was new in the world perwebsetan : D finding Dofollow High PR is like looking for a needle in a haystack . Surely some people have also experienced the events of the past just as I was . But after a lot of browsing and learning in many forums , I found a site that can locate and help us in finding high PageRank . URL is . Jump aja ya go . Previously , we have already installed browser addons SEOQuake . For " How to install in firefox or chrome SEOQuake " please googling yaa .
The explanation , in the Keyword column content with keywords that we are targeting . For example, content = cheap . Find and select the column Coment = Do Follow Blogs . Then press the Search button . Well the google search form , will be filled in automatically = Cheap " Notify me of follow - up comments ? " " Submit the word you see below : " . Furthermore SEOQuake task to filter the High PR . Open link one by one , then the corresponding Berkomentarlah what is covered. Do not forget to leave a link and anchor text that we are targeting .
With patience , above is a fairly reliable way to overtake our competitors in the SERP position LOW level of competition . However, if the competition is high enough then we need the name " Snatcher Backlink Software " . Functions and advantages of this software include

To find and analyze High Quality Backlink based Targeted Keyword
To find and analyze High Quality Backlink based PageRank , Domain Age , IP Domain , State Server , Alexa Rank , Outbound Links pulau pari , Title Page , Anchor URL , Anchor Text , and also the status of Dofollow / Nofollow his
To find and analyze High Quality * . Communities , * . GOV , KeywordLuv , and CommentLuv backlinks
To find and analyze our competitors' websites backlinks instantly , for we backlink sources TIRU his
We can analyze the backlinks that you get the list of services or a backlink from a forum to share our sorting its quality backlink
And there are many other advantages
inspect element in blog
inspect element in blog
If rel = nofollow nofollow if it means this blogif rel = " external nofollow " means this blog does not follow all the external links .How to know blogs do follow or no follow
How to know blogs do follow or no follow
Basically , if you get a link on the blog to dofollow high pagerank , the link will also boost the ranking of your site or blog . Well , that's the reason why visitors would routinely comment on dofollow blogs with high PR .
Everyone wants a Do- follow blogs to comment and get baclink , but very few are able to find them . But after reading the article How do I find out Blog / Website DoFollow or no-follow , at least now you can easily find dofollow blogs with the appropriate category or niche .
How do I know so many articles Blog / Website DoFollow or no-follow from may be useful to you .

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Minggu, 10 November 2013

Pulau Tidung lagi-Lagi Tidung

Pulau Tidung atau Tidung yang mungkin anda cari sebagai tempat untuk berlibur, tempat wisata yang nyaman, murah, yang tidak harus membuat kantong anda kebobolan jenis paket wisata yang menarik yang menjadi banyak pilihan bisa dikatakan hampir sama dengan wisata risort yang ada di kepulauan seribu.

Pulau Tidung memiliki reputasi yang sangat tinggi di bandingkan dengan pulau-pulai lainnya, menjadi salah satu objek wisata menarik di kawasan Pulau Seribu. Pulau Tidung mampu menarik kunjungan wisatawan domestik terbanyak di bandingkan dengan pulau pari tiap bulannya, maupun manca negara, sekitar tiga ribu dalam sebulan kalau musim liburan tiba,. Lumayan banyak kan? masih mau nunggu gak ke pulau tidung juga...
Semua industri pariwisata tersebut,menawarkan kenyamanan dan ketenangan, jasa ataupun produk untuk para wisatawan domestik ataupun mancanegara. Selain homestay pulau tidung, saat ini industri wisata bahari yang lebih dikenal dengan nama snokling, sangat berkembang pesat di pulau tidung itu sendiri. 
Begitu banyak minat dari wisatawan domestik ataupun mancanegara yang ingin mencoba Pulau Tidung water sport selain mengunjungi tempat wisata di pulau tidung yang menarik.

Jumat, 08 November 2013

Ajak Keluarga ke Pulau Tidung

Pulau Tidung terletak diutara teluk jakarta dan tidak jauh dari pelabuan muara anke, Pulau berpenduduk kurang lebih 500 jiwa ini merupakan bagian dari Pulau Seribu yang memiliki keindahan dasar laut, panorama pantainya indah, alam bawah laut sangat mempesonah, didukung oleh warga masyarakat yang ramah dan memberikan pelayanan yang luar biasa.

Pulau Tidung sebagai tempat kunjungan wisata berbasis penduduk memiliki banyak keunikan serta kelebihan salah satunya terdapatnya jembatan cinta, adapun  Snorkeling, Deving, Fishing, Sepeda, Jedan mbatan Cinta, Tanjong Barat, Makam Panglima Hitam, Raja Pandita, ada juga wahana airnya seperti banana boat, donat boad, sopa boad, jetsky, kano dll. Untuk ketidung bisa melalui Pelabuhan Marina Ancol, Muara Angke, Kali Adem, Cituis/Rawasaban Tangerang hanya 2.5 jam jarak tempuh menggunakan kapal peri,.

Ajak keluarga, teman, kekasih serta kolega anda berwisata kepulau tidung bersama Colle Adventure, kami adalah Travel yang menyediakan harga eceran dan paket wisata murah, anda akan kami layani dengan sepenuh hati karena kepuasan anda menjadi tujuan utama...

Salah satu wisata di kepulauan Seribu ini memiliki pemandangan alam bahari yang sangat menakjubkan, jika andan ingin mendapatkan liburan wisata bahari sangat direkomendasikan ke Pulau Tidung.buruan ke pulau tidung ajak semua sanak saudara

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Rabu, 06 November 2013

Tips Menaklukan Hati Si Cewek Jutek


Assalamualaikum wr.wb. .Google Panda is the latest Google's search algorithm inc .
Google Panda 's presence makes a lot of blogs do come back to fix SEO Optimization on its website in order to berthan from google panda rampage .
Before discussing more about Google Panda , we consider first what the Google Panda Algorithm
History of Google Panda
iklan baris Before the presence of Google Panda Algorithm , Google uses algorithms to Google Caffeine as pencarianya machine , where Google Caffeine stresses the importance of speed of accessing a site to rank in the search engines ( SERP ) , but unfortunately this algorithm in use by one rogue webmaster for farming ( spam ) keyword (keyword ) for business interests , and usually they use Auto Generated Content ( AGC ) . for those of you who are still confused with AGC , AGC as well as Copy Paste an article ( post ) automatically .
Many waste sites that make the latest google algorithm developed to tackle it all , and then in February 2011 Google Panda was launched .Seecara impact began to be felt globally since last april , a lot of sites that fell from the highest level of search because the site is not in line with Google's Panda Algorithm .
Great site exposed to the raging ever one of them is Google Panda EzineArticles , the site had to be dropped far back as EzineArticles sites usually are in use by bloggers garbage that makes AGC ( automatic Generatd Content ) and the number of links that are not relavan on its website iklan gratis .
Secrets From Tantrums survive Google Panda
SEO experts in the world began researching ways to conquer the Google Panda , so here I will write down some of the secrets to conquering the google panda which are quoted from several sites on the internet SEO :
• Stop the habit of copying entire posts articles from others , because google panda does not like the same content
• Write a piece of content ( blog post on that ) which is not too short and not too long , usually about 300-600 characters long article
• Remove unnecessary widgets , many widgets to make your website or blog look more beautiful and attractive but you also have to consider how much loading is needed to access your site is , remember obat aborsi that Google Caffeine algorithm emphasizes this optimization , and Google Panda is the same .
• Make visitors more comfortable accessing your site , google panda check how long visitors stay on your blog , is to ensure that your blog is not a spam site is simply to trap visitors with useful content .
• Use the approach through social networks , google panda liked your site a lot to get traffic from social networking sites such as facebook and twitter , so social widgets plug in your site or blog now.
• Use keywords that are relevant to the information you provide in the content, meaning shoot again Hot keywords on search engines with no relavan article is not a good thing , because the one-one on the site you will be suspected as the Google Panda Farmer Keyword Site .
• If you must list relavan site on your content , you should use a rail ( attribute ) nofollow on those links so that your site will not be considered as trading site backlinks .
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Regards See you friends ..Always start our days with a smile , so that every time it really feels wonderful ..transmissivity of origin do not smile much less to smile himself not berenti - berenti , watch entar in thought ? ? ? , hihii mrgreen ....
Well, not directly to the topic at length " how to conquer the hearts jutek girl " , I put on a girl know how tuh jutek ? ? , .... Betuuuull , 100 for you ! . BiggrinThere are so many tricks that need to be known by men who want to conquer the hearts of women passed by. But not a few others that those who do not know the right trick in her heart to conquer your heart idol . How do I conquer the hearts of women ? Here's how
Prior to conquer the heart of a woman your target , perhaps as usual we need PDKT alias Yourself Approach to the woman . Maybe not if you suddenly reveal your heart's content in a hurry . Here's 5 ways to conquer the hearts of women Aktualpost version

 pulau pari   
The first trick , when you have to get acquainted with the woman we love , we need to introduce ourselves to him in order to know more closely about yourself . Invite acquainted with the girl .
The second trick , you need to get to know him more closely , give him a sense of concern that more than a friend . Let's assume you have a relationship with him . For example, if he is sick love the suggestion that she does not forget to take medication and rest .
The third trick , he approached much more closely , for example occasionally invited him to have dinner . At that point you can use it to chat to get to know the figure himself .
Fourth tricks , Make him laugh and smile . It means that here you should not be too serious about conquering the hearts of women . You need to know , Women are not like men who are too serious . Most women find that humorous man , always cheerful , and understanding .
Trick Fifth , make sure that you succeed or not to conquer the hearts of women . This you can know by looking at her attitude to you , usually very obvious that he is much more attention than you . Do not rush to express her feelings . If the liver is just right and fit , stay disclose it to the woman .
That's 5 ways to conquer the hearts of women idol's heart this time . Goodluck .These tips my version , :
* IntentionThe main intention gan ..! , Already established what you want if it's pulau tidung not the girl who conquered the jutek abis .Do not because they do not hold with the bitchy attitude , words like chili pedes pissed , ... mrgreen then you retreat when you've already fancies , let alone a girl tuh cuaakeep really .. hehebiggrin , pity ! !gan to move on , do not give up before the war .. biggrin
* MAKE THE MOST YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HIMAlready innate nature of time yes ? .You lyric little direct contact with pelototin , you burble - burble repaid in omelin little , too sad ... so ya ..! , BiggrinJutek attitude that someone actually born from a sense of self-protection is too excessive , because the fear of being deceived by others , either because of personal experience or a past that does not wear him .whereas girls who actually have a feeling that jutek more sensitive / insensitive to his surroundings .So you have to take it easy , take very kejutekannya patiently and do occasional shows expression offense , irritated , resentful in front of him , still show a sweet expression on the face of it.because you will be in good value and a slight sense of awe that reduces its kejutekan
* YOU ALWAYS SMILE AND INVITE jokepeluang usaha online Difficult at first to be able to close with a guy whose attitude jutek yes , so if there is a chance when you stare of view , love the smile while you blink an eye at him ,later guaranteed he's going to grumble , wkwkwk ... mrgreen but leave it alone .Do you know the secret? ? , The blink of your eye is a distinct impression for him , it shows that you are a confidentJutek girls like a guy who had the self belief ( confident ) high as it deems will be able to offset the juteknya attitude .And if the atmosphere is supportive , ask him joking with mild jokes so long as not in kerjain ,if it is out of the lips tuh smile girl , hehebiggrin .. congratulations ! , you have interchangeable points to could be closer to the sweet girl tuh juteknya jutek too .
* Show IF YOU GUYS ARE SOFTI do not agree with the opinion if a girl jutek must respond with kejutekan also , what would happen tuh .. going to be a war ! ! .. BiggrinSo softness and impatient attitude is you can actually wear off the juteknya attitude , because he will be doing well thought crossly " jutek " to someone as soft and as good as you .softness is what will reduce hyper protection on him and you will be free to explore and penetrate his heart .if it were so just how do you take the next step to make him fall in love with you .
So much gan , hope success ..!
NB : A big thank you for " kangjack " that gives advice / feedback when I was a little confused because this blog newbie error and can not be accessed several hours , thanks ya kang master .

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Minggu, 03 November 2013

Merubah Foto Profil (Gravatar) WordPress


jasa desain website murah - Change profile photos ( Gravatar ) WordPress - Many are confused about how Changing Profile Pictures ( Gravatar ) WordPress , because in the default settings of wordpress itself does not provide a wayAlready know the name favicon ? If not , the favicon is a small icon that appears in the left corner of the left corner of the address bar and tabs . By default favicon Blogger -based blog / Blogspot is the symbol B with orange background . Obviously you want to have its own favicon for branding your blog right? How to make an easy favicon , and display them on the blog ? obat telat bulan Follow the steps .
First you must have an idea for a favicon . For those of you who mastered graphics software , you may make a logo with Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator , CorelDraw , or any graphics software you are good . Then export to gif , png or jpg . If you do not master the graphics software , you can use a free icon by googling or even the photos on your hard drive .
Then upload the file to the website FavIcon from Pics by pressing Browse. Tick ​​the option " Animate Favicon " if you want the animated favicon . Then click "Generate favicon.ico " .
pulau pari Next download the favicon is generated by clicking the " Download Favicon " .Extract the zip file generated . Then upload favicon.ico and animated_favicon1.gif ( animated favicon ) to a free file hosting such as Google Pages , Photobucket .
Now , log into Blogger . Select Layout - > Edit HTML .
Copy the code below :

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />
<link rel="icon" href="animated_favicon1.gif" type="image/gif" /> to change profile photo . Only pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar personal option , name , contact info, and social networking about yourself that you can find in the settings provided by wordpress . In systems use a given profile picture on wordpress users, wordpress using gravatar system . Gravatar means a drawing or photo is used to represent the mass profile picture on some website or blog .no previous post , I already sharing software Photoscape is a freeware feature-rich and powerful for editing images or photos. This time , I will give a tutorial on how to resize photos for web with Photoscape Photoshop quickly and easily .When creating a website , it must not be separated from the name of image or images . Image is one of the most important elements in making a website . In this article I will share a 100 % free software or freeware that I often use in the execution of simple photo editing such as obat pembesar penis resizing and Crop . In fact , right now, I mostly use this program compared to Adobe Photoshop . Well , freeware that I mean here is Photoscape .
How to Easily Change the Default Header Image In Joomla .
Firsts and many days kutak katik joomla made ​​website finally make " cah Kene omahe kono " which previously did become a little blind to the ins and outs of business literacy website . "Verily, with every difficulty there is relief . " ( Surah Alam Nasyroh : 6 ) . So now it's time for the ease of sharing entails.
On this occasion " cah Kene omahe kono " wanted to share how to change the header image in joomla website . If you do not know how guaranteed to be groggy , but if you already know surprisingly easy Saza . Principle only replace images joomla version stored in the file " personal2 " with a version of the image you want to display , but still in the file " personal2 " . jasa pembuatan toko online murah If this is done you can see the results .
Models display a standard header joomla 2.5.8
So do not try to stage a prolonged headache " cah Kene omahe kono " below.The earliest once you got to know where the image is stored joomla standard .For joomla already installed on a computer with Xampp program , he will tersiman here : C ; xampp ; htdocs ; Joomla ; template ; bez_20 ; images ; personal ; personal2 .
Open the file personal2 alat bantu sex with adobe photoshop and make note of the size of the width and length dimensions of the standard joomla image . After noting the size dimensions close the file .

With adobe photoshop , Prepare images diiginkan with size dimensions are noted in point 2 . Once completed and sure is nice
Save the desired image with the " save as " and open the folder : C ; xampp ; htdocs ; Joomla ; template ; bez_20 ; images ; personal ; personal2 .
So also you press enter , it will display a warning if you will oppress the original file personal2 ? . Ajah afflict Blehh ... , then the image will be afflicted with a standard Joomla picture your expectations . If this step is completed , the process of replacing the standard header image joomla means finished .
iklan baris Please open your web site , and pray that your picture is displayed as a header image he he he ......
Good luck .
Perhaps , one of you have ever heard and I've even been used . But , for those who have not , I encourage you to try it out soon . Photoscape is free really know ( 100 % freeware ) and ndak need registration . Although he is freeware but feature-rich and powerful really know! obat telat bulan
Here are some key features of Photoscape :

Viewer : View photos in your folder , create a slideshow
Editor : resizing , brightness and color adjustment , white balance , backlight correction , frames , balloons , mosaic mode , adding text , drawing pictures , cropping , filters , red eye removal , blooming , paint brush , clone stamp , brush effect
Batch editor : Batch edit multiple photos
Page : Merge multiple photos on the page frame to create one final photoProfile picture and your name will be seen by everyone who chats with you on WhatsApp . To specify your name and profile picture :

Open WhatsApp and tap on the 3 key points on the bottom right corner .
Choose a setting , then swipe the screen from right to left . Now you will see the profile menu .
Tap on the photo to add or change your profile picture .
Tap the text box below to rename push name seen by your contacts . This name will only be displayed for contacts who have added you to their contact book . If you use your iPhone contacts or Windows Phone , which is shown on their push notification . peluang usaha online
If you block a contact , that person would not be able to see the picture update your profile .status
Features on the status of WhatsApp is an indication of your current and your contacts . To determine the status :

Open WhatsApp and tap the bubble chat icon ( the icon on the bottom right corner ) to open the Status screen .
Tap the text box to write the new status . pulau tidung
Please know how to change your profile picture and status on : Android | iPhone | BlackBerry | Nokia .
Combine : Attach multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create one final photo
Animated GIF : Use multiple photos to create a final animated photo
Print : Print portrait shots , carte de visites ( CDV ) , passport photos
Splitter : Slice a photo into several pieces
Screen Capture : Capture your screenshot and save it
Color Picker : Zoom in on images , search and pick a color
Rename : Change photo file names in batch mode
Raw Converter : Convert RAW to JPG
Paper Print : Print lined , graph , music and calendar paper
   bisnis online 
Face Search : Find similar faces on the Internet
Over the complete , immediately wrote yach visit their website : is important to note that the file photo from a digital camera or scanned are generally bulky and too large file capacity , as the following example :
When the image is to be used for the purposes set on the web page , then you should first edit the photo size to fit their placement on web pages and also the capacity of smaller files will be able to save on bandwidth from your hosting and exact loading images alat bantu sex so much faster .
Well, for those of you who are familiar with photo editing use Photoshop or other image editor , would have understood how. But those who have or who just want to know , not to worry , I 've String together a video tutorial how to resize photos with Photoscape quickly and easily . Want to know right?Picture Your avatar or profile image will be displayed in a website or blog when you leave a comment. Gravatar has a size of 80 × 80 pixels , gravatar can be shown to represent your profile photo or logo can also represent the company to the company that you have. Some reputable websites that use systems such gravatar wordpress , hootsuite , iklan baris gratis  battlefield3 , github , Disqus and many other websites .
Fairly easy to change , you have to know is the address of the gravatar . Https:// in the following link , you immediately press button Sign in with which already have a wordpress account before. If you do not have a wordpress account , please click the create a new one .

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