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Tetra fish farming business potential is still very large

Tetra fish farming business potential is still very large . Aditya Satya has been proved . Since neon tetra fish cultivation since 10 years ago , he has never met reflux market demand . Not only that , the price of fish is also likely to be relatively stabil.Banyak successfully cultivated ornamental fish in Indonesia . One of them neon tetra fish are no less beaBetklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014utiful than the type of koi . Excellence neon tetra , the price is relatively stable . Fun , demand from the export market is still huge and there are still overwhelmed breeder .There are several types of tetra which is popular in the country : tetra green , blue tetra , tetra silver , and neon tetra . Various species of tetra fish is indeed a beautiful look . One of the most famous fish and neon tetra is a great demand .Berhabitat native ornamental fish in the Amazon River , USA , has a neon blue and red lines along the body . As a result , it looks very beautiful fish . Neon tetra maximum body length of about 4 cm .Shape of the male is longer and slimmer than the neon tetra females . The rounded shape of the female fish short with somewhat enlarged abdomen . In male fish , neon straight line , while the females slightly bent neon lines .However , farmers ( breeder ) neon tetra in the country is still very limited . Currently there are only a few breeders in Sawangan neon tetra , Depok , West Java . As for the enlargement of an existing neon tetra in Jakarta , Jakarta , Bali , and Yogyakarta .Aditya Satya , one neon tetra in Sawangan breeder , already 10 years cultivating neon tetra . He was interested in this fish because the demand never subsided . Since the beginning of cultivation until now , the price of fish is also stable . "If the price of the cardinal tetra fish that can go up and down many times , " he said .Baby fish measuring 0.8 cm in 40-day -old appreciated Rp150 per cow . Moderate price 3 cm sized neon tetra reached Rp600 per cow . Capacity belongs to Aditya breeding neon tetra month range 120000-200000 tail .Aditya bred to supply the cooperative peter - nak neon tetra in Sawangan . Cooperative sell approximately 90 % of cultured neon tetra that goes into the exporter who sells to market Singapore , United States , and Europe . The rest of the supplies to local farmers enlargement .Aditya said , other than as ornamental fish , in Europe , Latin name of fish Paracheirodon this innesi silent - bil color substances for cosmetic ingredients . These conditions create a greater demand for Neon Tetra .Business opportunities new more sweet becauseAgen bola berhadiah samsung s4 tiap bulan depo 20rb Indonesia and China were successfully germinate neon tetra . Aditya and breeders neon tetra in Sawangan exporters often able to meet demand . " They want two million per month , whereas the total production of the maximum cooperative one million of them, " he said . ( Kt )

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