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BRIEF HISTORY OF WORM SOILEarthworm including low level because animals do not have a backbone ( invertebrates ) . Including class Oligochaeta earthworms . Family is the most important class dr Megascilicidae & Lumbricidae earthworms squealer is not foreign to our society, Agen Bola Online especially for rural communities. However, these animals have the potential for life A very stunning & well-being.
2 . SENTRA LIVESTOCK WORM SOILSentra largest worm farms available in Bandung , West Java in particular SUMEDANG & surrounding areas.
3 . TYPE WORM SOILThe type of commonplace many developed by humans come from families with Megascolicidae & Lumbricidae Lumbricus genus , Eiseinia , Pheretima , Perionyx , Diplocardi & Lidrillus . Several types of worms are much diternakan frontage among others : Pheretima , Periony & Lumbricus . The three types of earthworms is derived organic material like manure dr & plant residues . Earthworm Lumbricus type has flat shape . Total segment proprietary around 90-195 & klitelum overground segment pd 27-32 . Usually this type are unable to compete with the others until her body type smaller . But when bred large body could equal or exceed the other types. Earthworms of Pheretima segment reaches 95-150 segments. Klitelumnya is pd 14-16 segment . Gilik her long & cylindrical shaped purplish red color . Worm Pheretima frontage including among other types of red worms , worm & worm Koot necklace . Earthworms form of Perionyx gilik colored blue to red tanned with 75-165 & klitelumnya total segment is broadly segments 13 & 17. Worm is usually quite spoiled up in whose preferment needed serious attention . Worm Lumbricus Rubellus superiority of more than two types of the others above , for high productivity ( weight gain , egg production / production of child & worm container " using the vermi " ) and not a lot of moving
4 . BENEFITS WORM SOILIn agriculture , worms destroy the organic matter
Prediksi Bola improves soil aeration and structures . As a result the land becomes fertile & absorption of nutrients by the crops to be good. The presence of earthworms will increase microbial populations profitable crop . The earthworms also wearable as :

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