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Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014

Wenn der Prozess der Pflanzung wurde vollständig

Wenn der Prozess der Pflanzung wurde vollständig durchgeführt, ist der nächste Prozess Jack Instandhaltung. Diese Pflanze Wartungsprozess besteht aus mehreren Stufen, nämlich:

O-Stufen von Abnehmen und Stitching

Naht gemacht, wenn die Anlage immer noch regnete im ersten Jahr und zweiten Jahr, was die toten Pflanzen zu ersetzen ist

O-Stufen Jäten

Jäten oder befreit Pflanzen aus Unkraut oder Pflanzenschädlingen angreifen mittels Jäten von Hand / Chemiefabrik Jackfrüchte mit einem Radius von 1-2 m durchgeführt. Chemischen Unkrautbekämpfung mit Herbiziden wie Paracol 1,5 Liter in 600 Liter Wasser pro Hektar oder Roundup 2-3 Liter in 800 Liter Wasser / ha.

Die erste Jäten wird 1-2 Monate nach der Pflanzung alle 2-4 Monate für 2-3 Jahre getan getan, dann. Jäten von Hand oder chemisch erfolgen. Agen Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Teraman dan Terpercaya Indonesia

Ø Stadien der Befruchtung

Obwohl die Medien hat der Vorbereitungsphase Düngung, der anschließenden Erhaltungsphase getan, Jackfrüchte Pflanzen noch zusätzliche Dünger, um das Pflanzenwachstum und die Befruchtung zu unterstützen. Organische Dünger wie Gülle oder Kompost Dünger 1-2 Mal im Jahr so viel wie 20 kg pro Pflanze. Anorganischen Düngemittelanwendung ist eine Woche nach der Pflanzung mit einer Dosis von 100 Gramm pro Pflanze NPK getan. Düngung zweite im Alter von 6 Monaten bei einer Dosis von 150 Gramm NPK pro Pflanze. Die dritte Befruchtung durchgeführt auf der Pflanzen von 12 Monaten bei einer Dosis von 200 g pro Pflanze. Düngung vierte im Alter von 18 Monaten bei einer Dosis von 250 Gramm pro Pflanze und Pflanzendüngung durchgeführt auf der fünften Alter von 24 Monaten bei einer Dosis von 300 Gramm pro Pflanze. Darüber hinaus für Anlagen, die in der Blüte sind in der fruchtbaren Land kann nicht auf 650 Gramm organischer Dünger / Baum hinzugefügt werden.

Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Size also carp carp into consideration the quantity

Size also carp carp into consideration the quantity of power to be cultivated in a pool tarp. According to the SME gallery, to the size of 1 square meter pool with a depth of 90 cm can be filled in 10 carp tail and weighs 2.5 ounces. Then how to agen bola make a tarpaulin for the cultivation of carp pond this?

The procedure is quite simple. There are two kinds of ways that you can choose. First, dig the soil to a depth of about 90 cm and attach the tarp on the dugouts. The second way with no major excavation but put a tarp on the ground level and then assemble the framework of iron or wood as a buffer so that its shape resembles a bathtub.

Neither the first nor second way has the advantages of each. The first way to make the load is not too heavy tarp when given water while the second way cultivators facilitate the replacement and cleaning the pool.
Regarding the harvest, cultivation of carp pool tarp has a relatively short breeding age. To 2.5 ounces of seed can be maintained for 5 months before harvesting the results of carp weighing 6 to 7 ounces.

That need to be considered in the cultivation of carp in the pond tarp is water conditions and frequency of feeding. Although it can survive in water that is not too clean but carp habitat hygiene must be maintained to keep pests and diseases harmful chemical toxins. It's good to clean the pool tarp once a week on shifts pond water
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA ONLINE SBOBET IBCBET TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA DI INDONESIA  through the suction hose / pump and then fill again with more baru.Mengenai water fish farming, in fact a lot of options that can get the reader pal, just for example catfish, tilapia, carp, catfish, koi fish, louhan fish, arowana fish, whales (whoa !!! ditaro where ya want ...? hehe ...), and many more that can be read in the category pal readers cultivation.

Kamis, 11 September 2014

Capaz de proporcionar un espacio para que las raíces crezcan los cultivos

 Capaz de proporcionar un espacio para que las raíces crezcan los cultivos, mientras que también está dispuesto a sostener cultivos. Esto significa medios de siembra deben estar sueltos para que las raíces puedan crecer una cosecha buena y perfecta, pero aún lo suficientemente sólido para mantener las raíces y eje del apoyo a fin de no caer. Cuando los medios de comunicación es demasiado floja, el crecimiento de la raíz será amplia, pero la cosecha será desarraigada con demasiada facilidad. Pero cuando es demasiado denso, las raíces serán difíciles de cultivar.
Tener una buena porosidad, lo que significa que puede ahorrar agua y al mismo tiempo tener el drenaje (desagüe capacidad) y aireación (capacidad de flujo de oxígeno) es bueno. Medios de siembra deberían ser capaces de mantener la humedad del suelo, sino que deben ser capaces de eliminar el exceso de agua. Medios porosos plantación que tienen
SUNDULBET, AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  cavidad vacía entre el material. Los medios de comunicación es penetrado isa agua, así que el agua no se estanca en macetas o bolsas de polietileno. Pero las otras cavidades Ronga lado deben ser capaces de absorber agua (higroskopis) debe mantenerse como una copia de seguridad y retener la humedad.
Proporcionar suficientes nutrientes tanto una macro o micro. Nutrientes muy importantes para el crecimiento de las plantas. Estos nutrientes pueden ser proporcionados de los fertilizantes o la actividad de microorganismos que se encuentran en los medios de siembra.
No contiene las semillas de la enfermedad, los medios de siembra deben estar limpios de plagas y enfermedades. Plagas y enfermedades contenidas en los medios de siembra pueden atacar a las plantas y causar la muerte de las plantas. Plantación de medios no deben ser esterilizados porque muchos terrenos mikrooganisme es realmente muy beneficioso para la cosecha, pero debe ser higiénica de enfermedades de las plántulas.

Jumat, 05 September 2014

Make prospective queen bee

Make prospective queen bee

1 Take honey bee larvae newly hatched; the age of 1 day.

2 Put into a one-piece frame royal jelly.

3 Frame the royal jelly honey bee larvae already filled is Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya  placed on a super box (box containing honey bee honey bee colonies, at least 2 levels).

4. Bulkhead / separate box super bee honey, queen bees are in the bottom box, and frames royal jelly honey bee queen candidates are placed on the box top. Thus, the queen honey bee can not approach a potential queen honey bees.

5. Let stand for 11 days until the candidate becomes the queen bee pupae.

6 After eleven days, prospective bee queen bee boxes were transferred to besisi bee colony without the queen.

7 After 13 days, the candidates came out queen bee cocoons and immediately appointed as the queen bee by the bee colony

8 Usually, after a week, the queen bee is ready to mate and develop new bee colonies in the area.

Beekeeping equipment honey

1 box of bees, which is a honey bee colony, made ​​of wood or mahogany suren;
2 pengasap tool to tame aggressive honey bees;
3 Protective Mask attacks the honey bee;
4 Levers strokes;
5. brush strokes of honey bees;
6 strokes made ​​of wood frame and in the middle of the wire as a drag given the honeycomb foundation;
7 Pollen traps to harvest bee pollen;
8 Frame to harvest royal jelly royal jelly and queen bees make candidates;
9. extractor to harvest honey.

Grazing honeybees

Between the months of May to September is the honey bee beekeepers tending plantations to provide enough feed honey bees.

Honey beekeepers on the island of Java, generally, tending to honeybees rubber, kapok, rambutan, longan, mango, coffee, and Duwet, so the honey is produced based on the specification of the type of interest.

Between May hinga this September when the honey beekeepers enjoy "sweet" income from honey bees, such as honey from a variety of flowers, bee pollen, and royal jelly.

After September, honey beekeepers experiencing lean times, because the honey season is over. To cover the cost of maintenance of honey bee, generally, Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya farmers tending bees to farm corn. Here, honey beekeepers can produce corn pollen and royal jelly.

Constraints commonly faced honey beekeepers

1 natural factors (weather).

Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

Milieux de culture

Milieux de culture

SUNDULBET AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  La racine de gingembre peut bien s'adapter à une variété de types de sols les sols calcaires, sableux, légèrement sableux et argileux lourds sont. Cependant, pour produire rhizome optimale nécessaire sol fertile, meuble et bien drainé. Ainsi engrais inorganique et organique nécessaire pour fournir suffisamment de nutriments et de maintenir la structure du sol afin de rester libre. Sol contenant de la matière organique est nécessaire pour maintenir le sol gorgé d'eau n'est pas facile. Altitude
Le gingembre peut être cultivé à une altitude 5-1000 m / asl avec l'altitude optimale est de 750 m / asl. La plus haute teneur en amidon dans les rhizomes obtenus dans les plantes cultivées à une altitude de 240 m / asl. Le gingembre est cultivé dans les hautes terres de produire des rhizomes qui contient très peu d'huile volatile. Cette plante est plus apte à être développé dans les latitudes moyennes. Ravageurs et maladies Parasites
Parasites de gingembre sont:

Les chenilles pouces (Chrysodeixis chalcites Esp),
Les chenilles sol (Agrotis Ypsilon Hufn) et
Mouches rhizome (coerulenfrons Mimegrala Macquart)
Comment faire pour contrôler avec la pulvérisation d'insecticide Kiltop 500 CE ou Dimilin 25 WP à une concentration de 0,1-0,2%. Maladies

Causée par le champignon Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht et Phytium sp et Pseudomonas sp potentiellement pour attaquer les racines et les rhizomes de gingembre soit sur le terrain ou après la récolte. Les symptômes de Fusarium pourriture des racines peuvent causer des symptômes Daum rhizome avec le jaunissement, le flétrissement, tirer plantes sèches et mortes. Les racines et les rhizomes deviennent noirâtres ridée et la pourriture milieu. Phytium champignon provoque le jaunissement des feuilles, la tige et la pourriture du rhizome, il vire au brun et finalement la plante entière à la pourriture. Méthode de contrôle par la rotation des cultures n'est pas de planter des cultures après la récolte de la famille Zingiberaceae. Les fongicides peuvent être appliqués est Dimazeb 80 WP ou Dithane M-45 80 WP avec une concentration de de 0,1 à 0,2%.

Flétrissure causée par Pseudomonas sp, les symptômes de kelayuan bas jaunissement des feuilles qui commence feuilles, tiges et rhizomes ont été coupés mucus humides comme la sève. Comment faire pour contrôler la rotation des cultures et la pulvérisation Agrimycin 15 / 1,5 Grept 20 WP ou WP avec une concentration de 0,1 -0,2%.
Les mauvaises herbes
Mauvaises herbes potentielles dans des cultures réunion bouffonnerie est désherbent le jardin comprend écrou-herbe, roseaux, agérate, et autres mauvaises herbes à feuilles larges. Contrôle des parasites / maladies organiques
En agriculture biologique n'utilise pas de produits chimiques nocifs, mais avec des matériaux respectueux de l'environnement se fait généralement de façon intégrée depuis le début de la plantation pour éviter les parasites et les maladies sont connus comme IPM (Integrated Pest Management) dont les composantes sont les suivantes: Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014    Assurer une croissance saine de la plante qui est le choix d'une graine saine exempts de parasites et de maladies et résistantes aux parasites de commencer à rogner
Utiliser autant que les ennemis naturels possibles
Ingrédients et avantages
Le contenu principal de rhizome de gingembre sont des protéines, des glucides et de l'huile essentielle composée de camphre, glucoside, turmerol, et la curcumine [2]. Curcumine utile comme anti-inflammatoire (anti-inflammatoire) et anti hepototoksik (anti intoxication bile).
Bouffonnerie intersection a des effets pharmacologiques qui, hépatoprotecteur (prévient les maladies cardiaques), le taux de cholestérol, anti-inflammatoire (anti-inflammatoire), laxatif (laxatifs), des diurétiques (urine laxatif), et d'éliminer les douleurs articulaires [1]. Entre autres avantages, à savoir, augmentation de l'appétit, lait onctueux, et nettoyer le sang [2].
Outre son utilisation en tant que médicament à base de plantes et les médicaments, répondant bouffonnerie est également utilisé comme une source d'hydrates de carbone en prenant l'amidon, puis traitées dans les aliments pour nourrissons de pâte et ceux qui présentent des troubles digestifs [6]. D'autre part, la bouffonnerie de réunion contient également des composés toxiques qui peuvent repousser les moustiques, car ces plantes produisent des huiles essentielles contenant linelool, phénols savoir géraniol qui ont un moustique Ae

Minggu, 20 Juli 2014

When keeping geese intended for consumption

When keeping geese intended for consumption, age goose is good for consumption is 4 to 6 months.
Breeding Usually the best goose joined a pair or trio. Mighty gander will be satisfied for a bride with 4 or 5
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOTfemales. Once they have chosen their own spouse, then a lot of males paired with females of the same from year to year. Total egg dihasilan in year two will be more vanyak from the first year. Percentage penetasannyapun better outcomes. Master goose could continue to produce eggs up to 10 years. From the results of research, reproductive ability gander faster decline than the female goose.
Preservation of eggs Take eggs twice each day, especially during the rainy season. Always be careful in alleviating eggs. Clean whenever deemed necessary. Temperature is the best in storage egg is 7 to 13 ° C with the smallest relative humidity 70%. When eggs are stored for more than two days, turned every day to increase the percentage penetasannya. When poor egg storage, the percentage hatching eggs deposited decreased after 6-7 days. When carrying exactly how eggs can survive 10 to 14 days with the outcome settles undiminished.
Incubation of eggs Penginkubasian the most common goose eggs is between 29 to 30 days. Four to six eggs can be incubated in the settings for hen while 10 to 12 eggs in goose settings. Turn the eggs three or five times a day when the incubator is not self-employed. Digit number must be an odd reversal of eggs to prevent egg park located at the same position every night.
When the egg was incubated by the hen, take the g Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaosling from the nest soon after dientaskan. Keep in a warm place for several hours. When the goose is not immediately taken, the hen will probably leave the nest early before all the eggs are hatched.

Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Waxaa jira dhibco blackish-cawlan caleemo

Waxaa jira dhibco blackish-cawlan caleemo, laamo, caws, ubax iyo JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAtacsida ubaxyo. Habar Jeclo ah iyo ubaxyo si ay sidaas waa qudhmi in tacsida aan la goostay karo.
Kallana jilicsan
Sabab: jeermis The Erwinia carotovora Holland. Cudurku wuxuu sababaa kallana jilicsan ee dhirta ee beerta iyo post-goosashada. Caabuqa dhacdaa iyada oo nabarrada ka dib markii kallana madow salka of ubax durba waa la goostay ama xididada ku dhaawacmeen. Gelaja: gadaal qurmay ama saldhig of ubaxa leh si kadis ah.
Oo xididdada oo barara
Sabab: fangas The Plasmodiophora brassicae Hoyadii. Astaamaha: dhirta dalagu sida ay biyo yaraani cusub iyo dib u fiidkii, waqti dheer iyo sidoo kale ka dib markii koritaanka faaqidaad iyo koobi ma ubax karo. Waxa intaa u dheer oo xididdada geedka barari sidoo kale lagu arki jirin dhibco madow on xididada.
Kaalinta Black
Sabab: The sp Alternaria fangaska. Cudurka abuur dhasha Tani weeraraa caleemaha iyo qaybaha kale ee geedka. Astaamaha: caleemaha noqdaan striped brown mottled concentric dhalinyarada ama jir. In xididada, laamo iyo caws yihiin striped dhibco midab blackish.
Geedo burburay (Esplanaden off)
Sabab: The Rhizoctonia sp fangaska. iyo sp Phytium. Cudurku wuxuu inta badan ku dhaco sababta xannaanada carruurta ee saldhiga ah qurmay ee asliga ah.
Control: waxaa la samayn karaa by performing a abuurka cudur-free, Rinjiga waxa abuurka biyo kulul ku (50 darajo oo C) ama in WarungTani POC aan ku xidhmo 10 ml / lt oo biyo ah, dose WT bactericide of 10 ml / lt oo biyo ah & WT Trico dose GLIO / of 1 JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA0 ml / litir oo biyo ah 15 daqiiqadood, fayadhowrka field, rogista cajaladda dalagga, beerto cultivars cudurka u adkaysta, dalagga ka ilaali dhaawac ama qaniinyada cayayaanka, ama warbaahinta seedling ciidda beerta jeermis dilay (gaar ahaan loogu talagalay xidid barar), liming on carradu acid iyo dhirta in la kansali cudurka.
Si looga hortago cayayaanka iyo cudurada, ku xereen dose WT Bactericide of 10 ml / lt oo biyo ah, dose WT Trico / GLIO of 10 ml / lt oo biyo ah & dose WT Ajuvant of 2 ml / litir oo biyo ah ayaa la sameeyey inkastoo calaamadaha weerar ku jirin. Moobeyl waxaa loo sameeyaa 1 toddobaad kasta, isku mar waqtiga ku xereen bacriminta dareere ah.


Goynta waxaa la sameeyaa markii mass gaaro size ugu badan ee ubaxyo iyo incompressible.
Maturity u dhaxeeya 55-100 maalmood ku xiran tahay cultivar ah.
Dalagga waa in la sameeyaa subaxdii ama galabtii by leh caleemo qaar ka mid ah jarida jirid ubaxa hareeraha stem iyo 25 cm. JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA    Edbiyey ee u dhexeeya 15-40 tan qofkii hektar iyadoo ku xiran cultivar, dadka dhirta iyo dayactirka.

Jumat, 11 Juli 2014


 BENEFITS OF RABBIT Regarding the benefits derived from rabbit fur and meat are now starting to sell well in the market. Moreover, it can be used jg For fertilizer, crafts and animal feed. RABBIT FARMING LOCATION REQUIREMENTS
Agen Casino OnlineNear sources of water, far from the residence, interference-free smoke, odors, noise and protected from predators. RABBIT FARMING TECHNICAL GUIDELINES Noteworthy within rabbit farming is an appropriate site preparation, manufacture cages, provision of seeds and feed supply. 1. Preparation Facilities and Equipment Function as a breeding ground enclosure with ideal temperature 21 ° C, the air circulation smoothly, the old ideal lighting 12 hours and protect livestock from predators. According to usability, cage rabbit cage can be divided into the parent. For parent / adult rabbit or parent & children, male cages, specially For males with larger sizes & Cages weaning children. groups to avoid early marriage separation between males and females. Cage measuring 200x70x70 cm 50 cm high pedestal sufficient to tail betina/10 12 males. Children enclosure (box litter) size of 50x30x45 cm. According to the rabbit cage shape is divided into: Enclosure postal system, without pengumbaran pages, placed within the room and suitable for young rabbits. Enclosure system ranch; equipped with pengumbaran page. Battery cages; cage-like rows where one cage For construction of the tail with Flatdech Battery (lined), Tier Battery (multilevel), Agen Judi BolaPyramidal Battery (pyramid stacking). Equipment enclosure that is needed is the feeding and drinking are shatter resistant and easy to clean. 2. Nurseries For livestock dependent terms of the main objectives of the rabbit breeding. to foment the kind of feather types Angora, American Chinchilla and Rex is a suitable animal. Moderate to foment the kind of Belgian meat, Californian, Flemish Giant, Havana, Himalayan & New Zealand is suitable livestock kept. 1. Election seeds and brood When the farm aims For meat, selected types of rabbit body weight and height with perdagingan good, whereas a clear coat to foment choose seeds that have the genetic potential for good hair growth. Specifically For both should have the properties of high fertility, not easily nervous, no defects, eye clean and well maintained, the fur is not dull, agile / active move. 2. & Seed Treatment brood Treatment of seed determines the quality of a good parent anyway, therefore the primary care needs attention is the provision of adequate food, setting and sanitation as well as cages to prevent the cage from outside interference. 3. Systems Pemuliabiakan To get a better offspring and maintain specific properties within the breeding distinguished three categories, namely:
Agen Bola TerpercayaIn Breeding (inbreeding), to maintain and highlight the specific nature of the fur example, the proportion of meat.

Rabu, 09 Juli 2014

La hoja de laurel original, India, y California, tanto en la familia Lauraceae

La hoja de laurel original, India, y California, tanto en la familia Lauraceae. La hoja de laurel Laurus género nativo, compuesto por tres especies: Laurus azorica (Azores InfomuLaurel), Laurus nobilis (laurel), y (Laurus novocanariensis). Bahía California hoja Umbellularia género consta de tres especies, a saber Umbellularia californica (laurel de California), Umbellularia californica californica var, y Umbellularia fresnensis californica var. Indian laurel género canela, que consta de unas 300 especies. Hasta hace diferentes hojas, que es una Syzygium género, que consta de 1.100 especies.
En Yakarta y sus alrededores, la planta se utiliza como una revista saludo sombra, y elementos del jardín. En el Parque Monumento Nacional, Ancol, Taman Mini Indah Indonseia, podemos hacer frente fácilmente laurel. Del mismo modo, en las calles de un complejo residencial, laurel también se utiliza como planta de sombra. Laurel puede crecer hasta 30 m, con un diámetro de tronco de unos 60 cm. Saludo corteza marrón grisáceo. Como el otro género Syzygium, saludo corteza también agrietado y pelado, para formar la secreción en la superficie de la varilla.
Flores respecta pequeño, blanco y marrón, con un crecimiento en panículas en los extremos de las ramas. Frutas dan saludos forma, forma, carácter y co
Joko warinolor, fruta exactamente jamblang (juwet, Duwet, Eugenia cuminii), a un tamaño diferente. Diámetro del fruto Jamblang de 2 cm, 3 cm de longitud. Frutas que se refiere sólo 0,6 cm de diámetro, con una longitud de 1 cm. Frutas saludo pájaros muy querido. Hasta que el Departamento de Parques de Yakarta, para utilizarlo como un elemento del parque, por lo que las aves se alimentan de frutas permanecerían en el parque. Compacto saludo Editorial, y lo suficientemente apretado.
Saludos fruto bueno para comer. Pero debido a que la carne es muy fina, la fruta es nunca objeto de explotación económica. Hasta después del anochecer, fruto comido por los pájaros caería bajo el dosel. La fruta es lo que se puede tomar para la siembra. Semillas respecto fáciles de crecer, poder merurun sólo directamente crecerá en unos pocos días. Hasta que idealmente, las semillas sembradas directamente de felicitación después de haber sido sacado de debajo de las copas. Las semillas pueden ser sembradas en macetas saludo colonias (en su conjunto), o en las camas de siembra. Abono de medios o humus, mezclado con arena.
Las plántulas crecen lentamente saludos. Hasta la edad de un año sólo llegó a una altura de unos 10 cm. El crecimiento de la II y III será más rápido, alcanzando una altura de unos 60 cm. Planta de nuevas plántulas de felicitación se pueden mover en el campo después de alcanzar una altura de 1,5 sd. 2 m, es decir, a la edad de unos 5 años a partir de la siembra de la semilla. El paso a un terreno más alto cuando la planta está aún por debajo de 50 cm, las plantas estarán en riesgo de morir durante la estación seca. Las plantas crecen saludos y desde una
Jasa SEO Terpercayaaltura de 0 m. sobre el nivel del mar hasta los 1.500 m. snm.

Sabtu, 05 Juli 2014

Media es una planta y el suelo con estiércol 01:02 composición

Media es una planta y el suelo con estiércol 01:02 composición. Medios de plantación se dejó estar en el pozo durante los siete días antes de que se sembró la semilla.

SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Mandy Wijayahadi, dueño Leira Fruta en Yogyakarta añadió, como frutas tropicales, pingpong longan va a mejorar si se expone al sol abrasador.
Para ello, sugirió plantas cultivadas siempre expuestos a la luz solar. Abrasador sol hará longan fruta se vuelve de color marrón rojizo y tiene un atractivo especial en el mercado.
Además del sol, el crecimiento longan también se ve afectada la fertilidad del suelo, la lluvia y los patrones de cultivo. La fertilización con urea y el riego también debe regular todos los días. "En la época de lluvias el riego debe ser limitada debido al contenido de agua en el suelo es más que suficiente", dijo Mandy.
A pesar del tratamiento intensivo, esto no significa que el longan planta no escapar de la amenaza. El principal enemigo es capaz de plantas frutales de 5 a 10 kilogramos (kg) por árbol son murciélagos. Por lo general, los murciélagos empezaron apostar cuando las plantas entran en un período de fertilización. "Esta planta siempre ha replanteado muchos murciélagos como fragante aroma", dijo Mandy.

BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIACon el fin de evitar el ataque bate, Mandy sugirió, longan fruta no está listo para la cosecha con el fin envuelta en bambú. Además de los murciélagos, la amenaza de plagas como pulgones puede dañar el longan planta. Los áfidos son generalmente devoran las hojas jóvenes emergentes. "En previsión de los áfidos, pueden usar un pesticida en la moderación", dijo. Nos Sane Granja vende semillas de semillas de árboles de longan. ¿Dónde se puede longan fruta a la edad de 8-12 meses. Plantar Actualmente árbol longan no es tan difícil como lo que solía ser, porque se ha encontrado que las nuevas variedades que pueden dar frutos de las tierras bajas Longan o áreas templadas panas.Dahulu personas encontraron la plantación de árboles de longan es extremadamente difícil, ya que debe ser plantada región de la meseta y se deben plantar dos árboles en los árboles una vez que los jóvenes árboles masculinos y femeninos, pero ahora creo que ya no se utiliza, ya que la introducción de variedades superiores de los árboles de longan Bangkok.

Cuando plantas de flores, la cantidad de interés que se hizo mucho, pero relativamente pocos frutos de flores de otoño. ¿Qué causa la pérdida de interés?
Cómo hacer frente a la pérdida de flores y melebatkan fruta?
Es el lugar de plantación (tierra o en macetas) causa la pérdida de interés? En caso afirmativo, ¿cómo debería tratamiento en cada medio de cultivo?
¿Hay ciertos tipos de flores longan es fácil de caerse?

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Senin, 30 Juni 2014

Pimelephia ghesquierei

Pimelephia ghesquierei
Hole or space in young leaf worm container movement from these pests. If there is a strong wind blowing, leaves much to be broken.

Moths pimelephia ghesquierei. Borer eggs are placed under the leaves that have not been opened. A few days later the eggs will hatch into larvae in the form of worms, measuring 3-4 cm, dark red and turn into yellowish fit with independent development. Life cycle from egg to adult lasts for 35-45 days. The moth attacks are usually 3-5 years old plants or in nursery.

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Mild attacks can be overcome with independent way of cutting bagain attacked. To crop an attack quite sprayed with parathion 0.02%.

worms fire
Leaf perforated or die out until the leaves are just bones. These symptoms are started from the bottom leaves.

Setora nitens, Darna MMS, and Ploneta diducta a mite leaf disease. Larval form of a green caterpillar on his back and there was a white line extending from the head to the tip of the body. This worm measuring 20-25 mm long. Stiff shag is in his back and poisonous. Contact tanagn feels itchy and hot.

In light attack dilakuakn manual eradication, namely taking worms from the leaves and destroy them. Eradication is khemis denagn spraying insecticide active desiccant triazofos 242 g / l, karbanil 85%, and klorpirifos 200 g / l. Some examples of these insecticides is Hostation 25 ULV, Sevin or Dursban 85 ES and concentration that is organized from 0.2 to 0.3%. During the current operation of caterpillar larvae have developed a biological fuel, namely denagn B.nudaurelia spread of the virus.

worms bag
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The leaves are not intact, damaged and perforated leaf lubang.kerusakan starting from epidermisnya layer. Further damage is caused mengeringnya leaves the bottom title gray and ahnaya young leaves are still green.

Metisa plana, Mahasena, and Crematosphisa pendula was the cause of this attack. The spread of this pest is very fast, because it is a "car" is easily moved from one leaf to another leaf or from one tree to lain.Kerusakan by these mites can cause production to drop 40% in the first year.

In khemis with lead arsenates 2.5 kg / ha in 25 l of water or with independent insecticide containing the active ingredient triklorfon 707 g / l, for example Dipterex 700 ULV. The dose of insecticide for each hectare plantation acreage is 1.5-2 kg dissolved in 15-20 l of water. Pemebrantasan dengen disseminate biological predators and parasites. Several types of parasites that attack the larvae are often djumpai Callimerus arcufer, Brachymeria sp, Apenteles sp, sp Fislistina, Caryphus inferus and others. Predator larvae among others Sycanus dichotomus.

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The leaves are not intact, at the sides appear to bite, especially on young leaves. Seeds damaged, can even break it.

Senin, 23 Juni 2014

In this system the spawning pool / seeding

In this system the spawning pool / seeding combined with pond / child maintenance. After preparation of nursery media, scatter male and female parent with a 1:2 or 1:4 ratio of the number density of 2 pasang/10 square meters. Pamanenan done every 2 weeks.3. Systems of two poolsIn this system the process of spawning and nursery done in a separate pool, with an extensive comparison with the spawning pond is 1:2 or 1:4. Basic pond should be lower than the bottom of the pond so that the water flow is quite another flowing from spawning pond to pond. At the second door pool installed coarse sieve so that only Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayan who can pass fish. The number and density of male and female parent is deployed together with the system of the pond.
3. HatcheryTilapia fish spawning and hatching takes place throughout the year at the spawning pool and does not require special spawning environment. The thing to do is to prepare media as pengerikan maintenance liming and fertilization. The water level in the pond was maintained at approximately 50 cm. To add produkivitas and fertility levels, then given extra food with the following composition: 25% fish meal, 10% copra meal and fine bran at 65%. The composition of the rations used in the cultivation of tilapia fish commercially. Can also be given in the form of pellet food protein yield of 20-30% at a dose of 2-3% of the population weight per day, administered 2 times / day ie morning and afternoon. Spawning will occur after the male parent making a nest hole in the bottom of the pond basin with a diameter of about 10-35 cm. Once spawning is complete nesting, spawning takes place immediately. After the fertilization process is completed, the eggs of spawning resultsimmediately collected by the female parent in her mouth for incubated until hatching. At that time the mother is off her feed so it looks thin. The eggs will hatch after 3-5 days at a water temperature of about 25-27 ° C. After about 2 weeks after hatching, the female parent of new releases her children, because it has been able to find food
2.6. Benefits Casting

Picture: Casting that has been dried and stored
Casting is when we do the follow-up results of the cultivation of earthworms. Media Land vermicompost is a former cattle worms. Vermicompost is very good to be used as a natural organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers. Vermicompost is Slow Release but for long-term purposes, vermicompost provide many advantages over chemical fertilizers.
Aside from being a plantation and agricultural fertilizers, vermicompost also turned out very well be used as a Planter pond for fish or shrimp.Because a complete nutrient elements vermicompost gives good results for the effect of the development of fish health and fish growth spurt.Casing is also able to control the PH Water naturally and produces natural food is good.animals are still neglectedPosted by joko Cikidang / Category:
Dogs soil or orong-orong are insects t
Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014hat live on the ground with the characteristic pair of front legs are modified to resemble jagged hoe. For dogs soil (orong-orong), leg serves to dig the ground or swim.
So the dog land here is not the title of a song by Burger Kill pengumbar which revolves around the figure of lust. Nor Mix dangdut songs with titles Angge-angge Orong-sung orong Wiwit Sagita and Brodin, two flagship artists OM. New Palapa East Java.
ground dog (orong-orong)
ground dog (orong-orong)
Dogs are ground insects of the family Gryllotalpidae countrymen that the Java language is more often referred to as orong-orong or keredek. Sundanese people call it gaang, and the Toba language known as singke. The animals are also often named as the digger ground in English known as the mole cricket.
In addition to a pair of large front limbs and jagged, ground dog has a distinctive head shape is large and hard-shelled. These animals also
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAhave a pair of small wings. Body color ranging from brown to black with a body length ranging from 27-35 mm. Glance this looks really scary insects and primitive. It is not surprising, because the