Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Size also carp carp into consideration the quantity

Size also carp carp into consideration the quantity of power to be cultivated in a pool tarp. According to the SME gallery, to the size of 1 square meter pool with a depth of 90 cm can be filled in 10 carp tail and weighs 2.5 ounces. Then how to agen bola make a tarpaulin for the cultivation of carp pond this?

The procedure is quite simple. There are two kinds of ways that you can choose. First, dig the soil to a depth of about 90 cm and attach the tarp on the dugouts. The second way with no major excavation but put a tarp on the ground level and then assemble the framework of iron or wood as a buffer so that its shape resembles a bathtub.

Neither the first nor second way has the advantages of each. The first way to make the load is not too heavy tarp when given water while the second way cultivators facilitate the replacement and cleaning the pool.
Regarding the harvest, cultivation of carp pool tarp has a relatively short breeding age. To 2.5 ounces of seed can be maintained for 5 months before harvesting the results of carp weighing 6 to 7 ounces.

That need to be considered in the cultivation of carp in the pond tarp is water conditions and frequency of feeding. Although it can survive in water that is not too clean but carp habitat hygiene must be maintained to keep pests and diseases harmful chemical toxins. It's good to clean the pool tarp once a week on shifts pond water
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