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Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

cara meningkatkan visitor dan pengunjung mywapblog dengan mudah

Alright buddy and I respect that master2 MWB , with some thought and consideration I own , if I dipostingan this time there may be a little different with trick / tips on increasing visitors and visitors MWB in general or trick that applied before the master2 MWB , . Agen Bola  IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
with a very forced and capitalize the knowledge that I may be too low as well as the courage to make post title above , it may be too surprising for the master2 , because I admit , I was too early and newbi in MWB , .
this post , I too inspiration from my friend @ se7en post and I agree with that there dipostingannya yesterday
akhir2 which emphasizes the master2 diMWB pride than to give advice and input to guide accompanies or even not a few who are no longer interested in visiting and commented blog ,
the MWB that a newbie like me , of that I remember this trick let the master2 MWB appreciate and deigned to visit blogs NEWBIE .
well for the friend and previous master2 this trick special for my friend who was a newbie like me , because when viewed from the master2 create and post the master2 style which according to me, seems to have no need of visitors and comments again ,
so it is no longer needed as this trick .
I am a newbie for my friend who is actually the easiest trick and I have tried layanan seo murah diakun fb first time and it turns out the trick is quite satisfactory within 2 weeks of account creation .
my friend in fb passable already reached kira2 2700 at MWB friends but I do not use this trick ,
if my friend wants mudah2an tried this trick and I do'ain , who visit / visitor derastis riding buddy .
how might rather be fraudulent and could also rather silly and therefore I serahin return everything to my friend ,
wrote directly observe how:
and so easy , to temporarily replace the first fhoto profile buddy buddy , with my beautiful girl fhoto and se .... sexy2nya , smile smile continues to hang out in the chatroom buddy sering2lah for display in time MWB mywapblog.Com or dichatroom now look different , which fhoto displays its profile , so easy for my friend using this trick .
because my search results , not much different from MWB account with my FB account when using this method ,
although not made ​​a post apa2 also ( if diFB status ) .
who stop by and follow or who to say much at all , probably due to the general Internet users , especially in Indonesia ,
his eyes suddenly very clear focus and see if that bening2 ( sexy ) smile smile is also still think I know sob .
maybe that's all this then on my first post , and I apologize for all the
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evils that sebesar2nya and my inability to make a post above ,
if there is an error of kata2 or posting please attach and show suggestions / criticisms of the master in the comments . . .

Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Have we asked ourselves, if we aspire to have a business or own a business?

Have we asked ourselves, if we aspire to have a business or own a business? Both in the near future or later in time. Then we see ourselves and analysis, if there is such a tough businessman personal characteristics there?
Any businessman or entrepreneur will encounter many challenges and obstacles, both when starting the business plan, the initial opening of business, and travel for business in the wake. Therefore, how do we mengatasinyalah that will determine whether the business will succeed or fail run
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strong entrepreneurial traits Seen and learned from successful private entrepreneurs, there are a few dominant traits and symbolizes that the mental is a force that has the potential to manage a business or some fruit. The personality trait is a unit that does not stand alone. However, they support each other and complete.
Here are five tips characteristic analysis become resilient and successful private entrepreneurs according to Adam Nelson and Lee Rhodes, the businessman who manages to be winning awards from Entrepreneur Magazine.
Ability to build and develop networking The development of a business has been ascertained to be a network or networking, enterprise networking expertise in developing speed be the deciding factor in the wake of the development effort. Expand the capabilities of our networking and quit to discuss with many people. Search for people where we can learn from it, says Adam Nelson. According to him, iklan ppc sometimes what we do not need today, tomorrow may be required.
Have confidence and not easily influenced Without a strong confidence that a business will not stand, or will not run a business. entrepreneurs have a strong confidence in and strong. There are always people who do not believe in our ability, especially when running a new business. Sometimes we do need advice and opinions of people who know more about the business, but sometimes we also have to believe in their own abilities and decisions. Because basically, that really understand the business we are our own.
Dare to take risks and confident actions No business is free from risk, whether the risk of profit or risk of loss suffered. There is no successful entrepreneurs who do not dare to take risks, because that should never be afraid to try, Nelson said. Convinced of the actions and decisions is the key. Clearly before a decision is believed to be correct has been through a rigorous process of analysis.
Do not give up and good at hiding flaws Weakness or have weakness are common, because in principle, nothing is perfect and can control everything. However, a weakness is not seen as a weak point, businesses will try to handle tough and will not resign to lose. If we do not master something, make sure we have someone who is an expert as a partner. For example, we are people who prefer to look at everything as a whole and not like a detail, but according to Lee Rhodes in business, attention to every detail is important.
Do not be afraid to share Sharing is a good shortcut to build networking or relationships, both internally and externally. Through the sharing of media we can get to know and communicate with others. According to Nelson, do not ever be afraid to share your ideas or tell lita. Maybe they can not help us, but who knows someone else can.
Once again, try to pay attention and analysis, whether there are characteristics above in us? If you have a dream want to have their own business. It is time we began to fix the personality and enhance their knowledge in order to have the capability in accordance with the personal characteristics of entrepreneurs are tough to achieve desired business.
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Minggu, 22 Desember 2013

Website merupakan media promosi

Website is highly appropriate media campaign at the same time professional employees in the business world. Almost every company using the services of the website, so even consumers who always choose / find the goods and products they need pulau tidung to terlebuh first searching on the internet. based on that people want to make a website, they automatically have to learn things related to the creation of websites such as: - HTMLPemrograman WEB (PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.) - Database - Client Side Programming (JavaScript, VBScript, etc.) - Graphic Design (Photoshop, Corel, etc.) - Software for the layout (Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, etc.) And to learn all this dibtuhkan a very long time and the process is so exhausting. In conclusion, a lot of things we need to know before creating a website. For that here we will share the easiest way how to make a website! namely by using Joomla.
What is Joomla? Maybe for those who are not familiar with joomla, joomla is very difficult. But once we get to know and learn, we will know how easy a website was created just by using Joomla. Broadly speaking, Joomla consists of three basic elements, namely a web server (webserver), PHPMySql scripts. The web server is assumed to be connected to the Internet / Intranet that serves as a service provider sites. PHP scripts consist of program code in PHP language and content databases are stored. Joomla uses Apache as the web server and MySQL database addressable and database. In addition to the ease in making it, many other facilities of this koomla, among others, are as follows: - Free (Free or Free) Learning joomla do not need to pay that much. Because Joomla can be obtained only by downloading via the Internet without any cost at all. - Easy to Manage Website Content. Joomla is easier to use and manage, because in joomla have given Facility that make it easier for Web site developers to use and manage Joonla. - Ease of replacing the contents of a Website. Display or commonly called Joomla templates sangalah many and varied in accordance with the Joomla version we use. That ease of Joomla are given.
Here are the ways to make Joomla, before we make sebuat websites using Joomla, we must first install it. However to install Joomla, we need to first install xampp. Here's how to install xampp:
Before installing Joomla, we need a server, so that Joomla can be installed and run on a local computer without having to connect to the internet. How to install it as follows:
1. Double-click the icon you have XAMPP or right click on the file it open XAMPP.
2. Indonesian Select the preferred language used.
3. pulau tidung travel Ok Kilik 4. Click next on the page setup wizard
5. Click Install
6. The installation process will run. If you already seselai, click Finish. After clicking Finish, a message like the following:
7. Click No so that XAMPP does not enter into the process of servicing the computer operating system. Thus, the computer is not burdened as a result of XAMPP running constantly.
8. Click Yes, if you want to immediately run the server XAMPP control panel.
9. Thus, the XAMPP server installation process has been completed.
So how to install XAMPP. Then we will proceed with installing Joomla. But before we have to run the XAMPP server first.
After installing XAMPP, the next step is to install Joomla, but before we had to run Apache and MySql service beforehand.
The trick is as follows:
1. Open XAMPP via Start - All Programs - Apachefriends - XAMPP - XAMPP Control Panel service. 2. Click Start on the Apache. 3. Click Start on the MySql. So XAMPP has been running.
After running Apache and MySQL service, investasi online then we can install Joomla. Here is how to install Joomla:
1. Create a folder in C - Program Files - XAMPP - htdocs. In this example, create a folder Joomla.
2. Copy the entire contents of the folder Joomla from the Internet. 3. Open the browser and type localhost / joomla. then press enter. Automatically opens the index.php file in the folder joomla / instalation. then click next.
4. Complete the form.
5. Complete the form fields - Database Type: mysql - Host name: localhost - Username: root - Password: (blank) - Database Name: zaelanidb (sample)
6. Click next. Then click OK when all the entries are correct.
7. Enter the name of the site (that will appear in the title bar). For example, 8. Then fill in your email address and password change given (Will become admin password. 9. Click the Install Sample Data.
10. Click next.
11. Click view site to see which web pages you have created. You are prompted to delete the Installation folder to be able to access sites that have been created. Open the back window explorer and delete folder in the folder joomla instalation.
12. Refresh Internet Explorer (press the F5 key). View the main page of Joomla.
13. To change / set the display and its contents, can be done at the administrator. - Enter your username and password.
14. The main view that contains the administrator control panel, which then can be changed according to our needs to build a website.
15. Before setting up anything else, you should first set the Global Configuration. 16. Display website after the change agen wisata pulau tidung . *** Good luck! ..

Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Langkah yang Dilakukan Untuk Memulai Bisnis Laundry

glosir alat bantu sex Rhythm super busy working to make the people who live in big cities want to make everything instant and fast. They are willing to pay a nominal origin needs and desires are met on a daily basis, one of them in washing clothes. Seeing these opportunities and more people are taking this opportunity to wash clothes or services membuaka commonly called Laundry. Maybe if you see a glimpse of this business is very easy and profitable, but did Comrade capsule that actually many things that must be considered in running a laundry business. If interested in starting a business on this one, the following tips you can follow if you want to mate capsule to open a laundry business.
Determine the location / place
To place mate Capsules should choose a strategic place and crowded population. When the capsule opens Comrade laundry business less strategic place, Comrade Capsules should think about the cost of its delivery.
Marketing strategy or marketing
Comrade Capsules should do a small survey on the possibility of a competitor or competitors, comparing their prices stakes, Is the small or large competitors, and keep in mind what the people in the target location comrades Capsules pleased with the presence of the laundry business. If not, what steps should be taken for example by approaching local people to chat with him to get a picture.
That should be remembered not set peluang usaha online gratis prices too low for the sake of competition as it will damage the laundry business market and harm the business itself. Dude better Capsule is committed to provide the best service for customers. The first can be done promotions with discounted prices are quite low for a few days to customers in order that they are interested in and try. Or you can also distribute flyers to homes that many who read it and Comrade laundry capsules will quickly famous.
Selecting a tool or machine wash
To open a laundry business is not only needed a washing machine, but other furniture such as ironing boards, chairs, clothes baskets or buckets, racks, cabinets, dryers and dryer for others. Should also be done renovations on your laundry kiosk looks neat and comfortable. And do not forget to prepare plastic clothes, plastic bags, hangers, tag gun, tag pins and a range of stationery such as a special memorandum of laundry, and put stickers on glass doors or brochures.
Determining employee
To determine which employees should choose employees who live near or around the premises mate Capsules. However, if my friend had to hire employees Capsules distant place of residence, should be made a place to stay. Because if it was definitely crowded bar would be overtime for them. The number of employees should also be adjusted with the opening hours of the business, laundry business usually open from morning till night. We recommend using 2 shifts (morning and afternoon) and the limit of 8 hours of normal working hours. If more than the calculated overtime. For employees it should amount to 4 people with salaries adjusted to the prevailing minimum wage. Employees indeed the biggest expense, but it is a major asset mate Capsules.
Laundry Chemicals
The chemicals used in laundry business include alat bantu sex  detergents, softeners, lubricants clothes, stain remover, perfumes, laundry, etc.. Capsules should choose a friend of laundry chemicals were of good quality, but also taken into account the price, not too expensive. When Comrade capsule using a chemical that is in the supermarket should be calculated in advance whether the price according to the price per pound of laundry income. The thing to remember is never use regular detergent for front opening washing machine (front loading), because it will damage the washer. We recommend using a special detergent (detergent matic or liquid detergent)
Capital is important to determine the laundry business. Comrade Capsules should determine and calculate capital must dikelurkan in order not to lose business. Remember open a laundry business does not escape from the planning and marketing are quite mature, marketing techniques and the development of services form a key principle that a business can thrive amid the large number of similar competitors pusat alat bantu sex .

Selasa, 17 Desember 2013

You will learn how you can sell your products online without having to master / have programming

I managed to get a sales turnover of over 2 billion until translucent WITHOUT :
Face to face with the customer - the price of the physical product that I sold for an average of Rp . 50.000 , - up to Rp . 70.000 , -
Rent STALL / SHOP which muahaalnya for mercy , I run the business activity of the 2nd floor of my house :)
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The cost of issuing Many PROMOTION
Not too involved in the daily business operations ( business can run without my presence )
Can still do other work activities that I like ( build multiple source of income)
And I will lay out this site from my initial start making online store can penetrate until turnover of billions of dollars . Read carefully and get inspiration !
bisnis internet You will learn the case study " How do I raise TURNOVER SALES Online Store from 20 % to 100 % in the third month without spending any promotion at all costs " and other evidence where " I get the sales of a product that I sell for 50 - thousand , could translucent turnover of more than 300 million dollars a month "
Once you learn the Final Destination Online Learning Videos from me this is :
You will understand how to sell items online can be a profitable and minimize loss / risk unsold
You will learn how to package and making an offer price of the products you sell so that buyers are willing to scramble order your product
You will learn my strategy in applying the principles of marketing "low budget high impact " so that in a short time online store you will be swamped with visitors who are willing to queue , even the " jostling " to see what you have to offer
You will learn how you can sell your products online without having to master / have programming skills , I 'll show you a faster way to create your own online store less than 15 minutes
You can get the tools and strategies to be the fastest selling online as soon as possible . You will be taught how to find profitable products to be sold in the Indonesian market , I guarantee once you learn the whole package of this guide instructional videos online , only in less than 2 months , you are ready to create their own online store in a way that you never expected .
Yep , I 'll give you the fastest way how you can build an online store , even if you are clueless / do not have IT expertise at all and even if you do not have your own product to sell investasi murah
Once you learn the strategies , tricks and step by step I teach in this online video lesson , I make sure you can directly open the Online Store , so that you are marketing a physical product greater ( throughout Indonesia ) , and moreover you will be selling a physical product jumped at least 20-30 % in the second or third month with little or no cost promotion at all .
I'm going to teach in ways that promote effective , low budget but powerful so when you display your merchandise , can have this sales profit is less than 24 Hours only
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Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

Pari Island entry in the Thousand Islands area of ​​Southern berkabupaten in the Thousand Islands of Jakarta province

Pari Island entry in the Thousand Islands area of ​​Southern berkabupaten in the Thousand Islands of Jakarta province . Pari Island is a wonderful tourist attraction as well as a place that allows you to learn about one of the marine resources that exist in pulau pari Indonesia . Pari Island is famous as a place of research and on the island has established Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) which undertakes research in the interests of nature conservation on the island . You want to travel to the island pari please contact us as soon as possible
Price per pax for 2 days 1 night :

> 10 pax = Rp 330.000/pax
facilities :

Ship transport p / p ( Muara Angke - Pari Island )
Accommodation / Homestay AC
eating 3x
leisurely bike
Complete Snorkling tools
Ship to the spot for snorkeling waters . ( 3 snorkeling spots: Stars Rama , APL , front dock )
Snorkling Companion (Guide Sea )
The tour guide ( tour guide )
We have prepared barbeque
Insurance .
  pasir pulau pari  
Underwater Camera
Streets To Shore Sand Virgin
The roads to the Mount of the Sun
The roads to LIPI
requirements :

Confirmation / booking later than 2 weeks before D-day
Provide a minimum of 20 % DP ( Redemption at Pari Island )At first we got there , there was one group that had set up camp. And the next day , full pantaipun other tents . After setting up camp , we sampled swim at Sand Beach Virgin . The water is clear and salted of course .
While playing sand at the beach , we were attacked by a swarm of locals children . Apparently they want to be friends with us . From that day on , we were always being followed everywhere. They become our close friends there .

With the children of local residentsUnlike other backpacker group , we deliberately did not bring cooking jalan ke pulau pari appliance for not complicated . As a result , our food over there only instant noodles + white rice . Eating salted fish at last night just feels so luxurious . My advice , if you vacation there again , should carry cooking equipment and adequate logistical due to very less varied culinary there .
Monday, December 31, 2012
The weather today is quite sunny . We spent half a day to wander mangrove forest in the middle of the ocean by boat . I and Hardi who became nakhodanya , while Dinda so photographers only. Boat rental price 30 thousand / unlimited . If you use a guide / oarsman so 50 thousand .

Mangrove forest surroundsAfter lunch , we went to the dock to rent snorkeling equipment . Tool rental price 25 thousand / person ( snorkel , goggles , floats and frog legs ) . Because only three of them , considered expensive to hire about 250 thousand ships / boats , we decided to snorkel around the dock alone , said local people , underwater scenery around the pier is pretty good peluang usaha online .

Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

In this post I will try to unravel the Secret Getting Backlink As many

In this post I will try to unravel the Secret Getting Backlink As many . I chose the theme because I think about backlinks is very important , and is large enough effect on Quality Blog . How not to blog more backlinks then chance to get Google Page Rank of Mbah big enough Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
.the secret of getting backlinks edu , edu backlinksEdu backlinksEspecially now that it looks like another season - season competition in the virtual world called the SEO Contest , Contestants Of course, for the very need that many backlinks intake and Abundant . Therefore I will try to give you some tips that could be considered once hahaha Steady ie How to Get Edu Bacaklink as much as possible .
I think Edu and Gov is a high Domain Worth the eyes of Google . Because these domains are domains that are used for education and administration sites . The price is quite expensive compared to other domains . Besides Mahal is also difficult to obtain . Therefore , quality backlinks from both these domains become prey of this World Bloggers .
I will share the secret that this is not a collection of backlinks that are already available , but a formula is very simple and easy . And Buddy semualah will look for it, Certainly very easy because the websites will appear with Edu domains are already available commentary box . Live commentary wrote and guaranteed steady really haha .
Before I give the secret , I advised my friend all so do not abuse it , like Spam , Promotional advertising , and the like which if made ​​sites that berdomain Edu becomes dirty haha . Yes if my friend still Conduct Spam is up too , Because Edu sites are also not an easy site indiscriminate use Spam . Moreover, many sites that enable Automatic Anti Sepam . Of course, for my friend all really want to get backlinks from edu domains should be remarked in accordance themes discussed . And be careful also when Buddies all melakukian much spam , can-can Party Because of the Edu sites report to the security and the dude who could not Spam
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Commenting further on Sites that berdomain Edu forever . ( Boy dah )
Ok , secret Immediately following note :1 . Please Go to Google.com2 . Enter the following code into the Google Search Box

site: . edu inurl : Internet " leave a reply " " website "
3 . Replace the word Internet with Keyword buddy want .4 . click Search5 . Done . Please select Susuka heart set sites that berdomain Edu .
I suggest better use of Plug -in SEOQuake order to get the site berdomain Edu with High Pagerank . Thus obtained from Edu backlinks better and more optimal result . If Want to Get Backlinks other , There ya Backlink from Bravejournal or Bravenet . Please Visit Secrets to Get Millions of backlinks from Bravejournal or Bravenet .
Thus Postings on Secrets of Getting Backlink However much , buddy Hopefully Helpful for Everyone .