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Senin, 30 Juni 2014

Pimelephia ghesquierei

Pimelephia ghesquierei
Hole or space in young leaf worm container movement from these pests. If there is a strong wind blowing, leaves much to be broken.

Moths pimelephia ghesquierei. Borer eggs are placed under the leaves that have not been opened. A few days later the eggs will hatch into larvae in the form of worms, measuring 3-4 cm, dark red and turn into yellowish fit with independent development. Life cycle from egg to adult lasts for 35-45 days. The moth attacks are usually 3-5 years old plants or in nursery.

Agen Casino Onlineeradication
Mild attacks can be overcome with independent way of cutting bagain attacked. To crop an attack quite sprayed with parathion 0.02%.

worms fire
Leaf perforated or die out until the leaves are just bones. These symptoms are started from the bottom leaves.

Setora nitens, Darna MMS, and Ploneta diducta a mite leaf disease. Larval form of a green caterpillar on his back and there was a white line extending from the head to the tip of the body. This worm measuring 20-25 mm long. Stiff shag is in his back and poisonous. Contact tanagn feels itchy and hot.

In light attack dilakuakn manual eradication, namely taking worms from the leaves and destroy them. Eradication is khemis denagn spraying insecticide active desiccant triazofos 242 g / l, karbanil 85%, and klorpirifos 200 g / l. Some examples of these insecticides is Hostation 25 ULV, Sevin or Dursban 85 ES and concentration that is organized from 0.2 to 0.3%. During the current operation of caterpillar larvae have developed a biological fuel, namely denagn B.nudaurelia spread of the virus.

worms bag
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The leaves are not intact, damaged and perforated leaf lubang.kerusakan starting from epidermisnya layer. Further damage is caused mengeringnya leaves the bottom title gray and ahnaya young leaves are still green.

Metisa plana, Mahasena, and Crematosphisa pendula was the cause of this attack. The spread of this pest is very fast, because it is a "car" is easily moved from one leaf to another leaf or from one tree to lain.Kerusakan by these mites can cause production to drop 40% in the first year.

In khemis with lead arsenates 2.5 kg / ha in 25 l of water or with independent insecticide containing the active ingredient triklorfon 707 g / l, for example Dipterex 700 ULV. The dose of insecticide for each hectare plantation acreage is 1.5-2 kg dissolved in 15-20 l of water. Pemebrantasan dengen disseminate biological predators and parasites. Several types of parasites that attack the larvae are often djumpai Callimerus arcufer, Brachymeria sp, Apenteles sp, sp Fislistina, Caryphus inferus and others. Predator larvae among others Sycanus dichotomus.

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The leaves are not intact, at the sides appear to bite, especially on young leaves. Seeds damaged, can even break it.

Senin, 23 Juni 2014

In this system the spawning pool / seeding

In this system the spawning pool / seeding combined with pond / child maintenance. After preparation of nursery media, scatter male and female parent with a 1:2 or 1:4 ratio of the number density of 2 pasang/10 square meters. Pamanenan done every 2 weeks.3. Systems of two poolsIn this system the process of spawning and nursery done in a separate pool, with an extensive comparison with the spawning pond is 1:2 or 1:4. Basic pond should be lower than the bottom of the pond so that the water flow is quite another flowing from spawning pond to pond. At the second door pool installed coarse sieve so that only Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayan who can pass fish. The number and density of male and female parent is deployed together with the system of the pond.
3. HatcheryTilapia fish spawning and hatching takes place throughout the year at the spawning pool and does not require special spawning environment. The thing to do is to prepare media as pengerikan maintenance liming and fertilization. The water level in the pond was maintained at approximately 50 cm. To add produkivitas and fertility levels, then given extra food with the following composition: 25% fish meal, 10% copra meal and fine bran at 65%. The composition of the rations used in the cultivation of tilapia fish commercially. Can also be given in the form of pellet food protein yield of 20-30% at a dose of 2-3% of the population weight per day, administered 2 times / day ie morning and afternoon. Spawning will occur after the male parent making a nest hole in the bottom of the pond basin with a diameter of about 10-35 cm. Once spawning is complete nesting, spawning takes place immediately. After the fertilization process is completed, the eggs of spawning resultsimmediately collected by the female parent in her mouth for incubated until hatching. At that time the mother is off her feed so it looks thin. The eggs will hatch after 3-5 days at a water temperature of about 25-27 ° C. After about 2 weeks after hatching, the female parent of new releases her children, because it has been able to find food
2.6. Benefits Casting

Picture: Casting that has been dried and stored
Casting is when we do the follow-up results of the cultivation of earthworms. Media Land vermicompost is a former cattle worms. Vermicompost is very good to be used as a natural organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers. Vermicompost is Slow Release but for long-term purposes, vermicompost provide many advantages over chemical fertilizers.
Aside from being a plantation and agricultural fertilizers, vermicompost also turned out very well be used as a Planter pond for fish or shrimp.Because a complete nutrient elements vermicompost gives good results for the effect of the development of fish health and fish growth spurt.Casing is also able to control the PH Water naturally and produces natural food is good.animals are still neglectedPosted by joko Cikidang / Category:
Dogs soil or orong-orong are insects t
Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014hat live on the ground with the characteristic pair of front legs are modified to resemble jagged hoe. For dogs soil (orong-orong), leg serves to dig the ground or swim.
So the dog land here is not the title of a song by Burger Kill pengumbar which revolves around the figure of lust. Nor Mix dangdut songs with titles Angge-angge Orong-sung orong Wiwit Sagita and Brodin, two flagship artists OM. New Palapa East Java.
ground dog (orong-orong)
ground dog (orong-orong)
Dogs are ground insects of the family Gryllotalpidae countrymen that the Java language is more often referred to as orong-orong or keredek. Sundanese people call it gaang, and the Toba language known as singke. The animals are also often named as the digger ground in English known as the mole cricket.
In addition to a pair of large front limbs and jagged, ground dog has a distinctive head shape is large and hard-shelled. These animals also
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAhave a pair of small wings. Body color ranging from brown to black with a body length ranging from 27-35 mm. Glance this looks really scary insects and primitive. It is not surprising, because the

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Una vez que la semilla es plantada tulipanes

  Una vez que la semilla es plantada tulipanes, por ejemplo, me hizo todo cultivar en macetas, a continuación, coloque la olla en un lugar fresco Badak88 Agen Judi Online Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014temperaturas ambientes oscuros unos 5-10 grados durante 8-12 semanas. Después de crecer unos centímetros se pueden quitar y poner en su lugar hay luz, pero no sol directo. Las temperaturas de 15 a 20 cm podrían acelerar su crecimiento, pero en un principio todavía tiene que pasar por la temperatura fría que sí.

Remoje las semillas antes de plantar Tulip 24 Horas

Remoje las semillas antes de plantar Tulip 24 Horas

Durante cuatro temporadas en el país, la semilla de tulipán fue plantado en el principio de septiembre a diciembre, y Tulip tiene que pasar el invierno. Con la aprobación de las temperaturas extremas (frío), da una señal a la semilla, por lo que comenzó a crecer.
Si queremos acelerar (acelerar) el crecimiento y la siembra temprana, las plántulas pueden entramos en el refrigerador (la nevera) hasta que crece unos centímetros, pero no en el congelador es sí.

Remoje tulipán puesto en marcha en la oscuridad y el frío

Remoje tulipán puesto en marcha en la oscuridad y el frío

Las plántulas se pueden sembrar directamente en macetas o en el suelo. Si hay una posibilidad en la tierra directamente comido por las ratas, lo anterior podemos poner un grano de tulipán cable a tierra y luego apilados. Por ejemplo, haga clic aquí.

Banteng88 Agen Casino Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014    Para estimular el crecimiento de las plántulas de los tulipanes, además de poner la nevera, también puede poner las semillas de tulipanes en un recipiente de vidrio que contenía piedras pequeñas, vierta agua hasta varios centímetros. El agua no debe tocar las raíces del tulipán, las raíces crecerán y la búsqueda de fuentes de agua. Su guía de gráfico, haga clic aquí o haga clic aquí.

Nunca Uno de Cultivo sí, las raíces golpes en la parte inferior

Nunca Uno de Cultivo sí, las raíces golpes en la parte inferior

Las macetas que contenían las semillas de tulipanes allí que me puse delante de la casa (menos), después de haber crecido unos centímetros, me entran en la casa (en una habitación fresca hay una ventana grande), a temperatura ambiente alrededor de 18-20 grados C. Bueno crecer realidad loh rápido, quizá los tulipanes Creo que es una temperaturas cálidas de la primavera.
Tulip ya cultiva no se permite en las temperaturas menos, porque la tierra está tan endurecido, puede dañar las raíces del tulipán. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia    Preste atención, no a la tierra seca, tulipnya limpiar una vez por semana o cuando sea necesario. No conseguir barro porque las semillas pueden pudrirse.

Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

Faafinta waa faafinta daaqsinka

Faafinta waa faafinta daaqsinka ah ee dhirta la isticmaalayo qayb ka mid ah dhirta laftiisa. Farsamooyinka faafinta Tani waa qaali, laakiin heerka guul heer sare ah, marka lagu daro inta lagu jiro wajiga dayactirka qaadataa waqti yar. Faa'iidada kale oo suurtogal ah faafinta daaqsinka ah ee dhirta ku mari miyigii oo hidde waa mid aad u yar yar si ay miraha geedka ma yihiin fog ay waalidka.Habka ugu fudud ee faafinta daaqsinka ku sameeyeen si ay u daboolaan baahida abuurka ah waa a gooyn stem farsamada. Faafinta Plant isticmaalaya gooyn leeyihiin heerka guusha sare badbaadista seedling, koritaanka waa more degdeg ah, iyo natiijooyinka abuur tayo-sare leh, waxay leeyihiin hiddo ahaan la mid ah waalidka. In farsamada sii dheer sidoo kale waa ay fududahay in la sameeyo gooyn stem.Ka hor inta penyetekan sameynayo waxaa lagu doortay geedka caafimaad leh laamo ama laamihiisa, jir, cagaar Gelam, iyo jirtay barwaaqo ah ugu yaraan 3-4 jeer (ugu yaraan 30 sentimitir oo dherer ah). Guusha waxaa lagu go'aamiyaa gooyn stem iman kara. Warshad miro Dragon afkoda in marnaba midho u dhali kori doono si dhakhso ah, oo xasilan oo, iyo mid fudud si ay u sameeyaan iyo burooyinkeeda. Inkastoo dhalinyaro ah afkoda ama laamo in ay ku badan tahay oo biyo ah warshad uu ugu sii nugul cudurka. Stem ama laan dhirta miraha masduulaagii ahaa sida uu shuruudaha waxay noqon doontaa dhakhso baxay xididada sidaa darteed koritaanka dhirta waxa kale oo uu ahaa more deg deg ah, calaamadeeyay sii daayo ee caleemaha cusub.Ka dib markii go'aaminta Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia miro stem ama masduulaagii aad laan geedka, ka dibna tallaabada xigta waa in la gooyaa asliga ah ama laan musharaxiinta masduulaa dhirta miraha. Si loo kala soocaa hoose ee iyo top of asliga ah in la jaray, oo cad cad waxaa loo sameeyay tapered ugu hooseysa (cut the sare ee asliga ah ee soo dhisi doono V a). Markaas Dabaylaha ilaa dheecaan ka-jinaya gooyn (qiyaastii 2-3 maalmood).Gooyn ayaa la beeray polybags ka kooban warbaahinta, halabuurka ee warbaahinta ka kooban 1 dhulka, 1 digada, 1 arabikhi shidaalka. Polybag saarayaa sariiraha, masaafada antarpolybag of 20 cm x 20 cm. Raso ayaa loo sameeyey sidii ballaaran 100 cm. The xannaanada carruurta ee soo socda talaabo la xiray iyadoo la isticmaalayo dabool caag ah oo hufan ula isticmaalka joogtada baasaboorka (baasaboorka rakibay qalooca). Inta lagu jiro xaaladaha taranta ee warbaahinta si ay u joogteeyaan qallayl. The caleemaha cusub muuqan doona ka dib markii abuurku waxay ahayd ilaa 2 toddobaad.Stem ama laan gooyn Guud ahaan caafimaad qaba ayaa la soo saari doonaa in ka badan hal mar la siiyo laayey. Leave mid ka mid ah laamihiisa curdanka ugu waaweyn iyo kuwo caafimaad qaba (leedahay koritaanka adag). Caleemaha Perempelan waa in la sameeyaa si joogto ah si ay sahayda ee nafaqooyinka in la optimized kartaa koritaanka xayawaanka la caleemaha. 3 wiig ka dib, guntooda ku bilaabaan inay ka soo baxdo xididada, dhirta waxa uu sidoo kale u eegay luminayey. Markaas dabool caag ah waa la furi karaa oo aroortii Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia iyo mar kale la xiray ka hor fiid si ay u helaan geedo si toos ah iftiinka qoraxda. Warshad aan cindiga ku ujeedadiisu tahay in uu sii xoogsato. Laakiin haddii xaaladaha roobaadka, dabool caag ah ee loo ogol yahay inuu daboolo abuur ah in aanay dhexdhexaad beerto aad u qoyan. Geedo diya

Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Types are cultivated (var. ma-yuen)

  Types are cultivated (var. ma-yuen) have an important role as a source of food and traditional medicine (especially Chinese medicines). This LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA species has a thin shell and easy to solve, so it is easy to get seeds for groceries. This species also has slight variations, for example cereal grains and cereal grains glutinous rice (Nurmala, 2003)
Wild type (var. stenocarpa, var. Monilifer, etc..) Is often considered a weed, because it is easy to grow wildly. This species has a very hard shell like a stone, it is difficult to solve. The seeds are often used as a beaded necklace (a kind of rosary or rosary).
Here is a sample image cultivated cereal grains crop intercropping in rice paddy fields in the area around Sukabumi, West Java. Because of the age of the older crop of rice, then in some villages cereal grains can be used as a staple food crops while rice inventories are up.

As a food ingredient, some of the potential use of cereal grains seeds are:

As a mixture of rice, or used alone as rice cereal grains (see figure below)
As a mixture of other cereal foo
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAds, for example a mixture of oatmeal (oatmeal), such as products made by one of Taiwan's leading manufacturers of cereal foods (see
Porridge cereal grains (such as porridge with sweet green beans), and as a friend compote
Fermented like sticky tape

The following can be viewed images of food grains and cereal grains as a comparison between white rice with rice cereal grains that have not been polished clean (so it is still full of nutrients). In contrast to the sticky glutinous rice, cereal grains have a chewy texture but not sticky, so it has the potential to be processed into food that tastes good alternative.Seeds of cereal grains that have been separated from their shells
Comparison between rice cereal grains with rice white riceAs a medicinal herb, cereal grains is believed to have various properties such as urine laxative, and anti-tumor (cancer). Source of the active drug substance derived either from seed or from root extracts. Antitumor efficacy has been scientifically studied for example by Numata, et al. (1994). Active substances in cereal grains called coixenolide.
The combination of potential as processed food delicious and medicinal properties make cereal grains as one of the potential agricultural commodities. In some Asian countries, for example in the Republic of Laos, cereal grains has become an important agricultural products (Douangsavanh & Bouahom, 2006). Because this plant is essentially a wild plant, the cost of cultivation is relatively low. According to the observations made in the North London area, some local farmers stated that this plant requires little fertilizer, and pest and disease do not have sufficient means. The only major threats are targeting wild bird seed. But the cultivation of cereal grains still require good soil, adequate water and adequate sunlight. Application of fertilizer to add nutrients nitrogen is still needed (Nurmala, 2003). Shortage of rice and corn cereal grains than is productivity (yield) is still relatively low. Although this is basically a perennial plant (annual), but for the cultivation of annual crops are considered as (seasonal). Harvest about 120 days of age. agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayaReference

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2014

Jasmine flowers can be harvested about 2 months

Jasmine flowers can be harvested about 2 months after planting for grafted seedlings jasmine and 6 months after planting the seed for use jasmine cuttings BOLALAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIAprime batang.Panen usually not so much, the average will get between 1-2 kg per day per hectare. New third and fourth months after planting, for grafted seedlings, ie at month 8 and 9 after tanam.Untuk seeds distek jasmine flowers will produce 4-6 kg per hectare per day.
The farmers claimed that the failure rate of jasmine flower cultivation is almost 0%. If farmers own press and constantly monitoring every day or intensive maintenance, the jasmine will grow well and produce good quality flowers anyway.
As known, of each branch / flower stalk will grow between 3-5 florets
bunga.Apalagi jasmine plant age if more than one year, more and more branches will be the more flowers.
Prices kept creeping jasmine naik.Pada currently worth about Rp.40.000-Rp.50.000/kg and market demand for jasmine flowers open enough lebar.Dengan Thus, jasmine flower cultivation prospects are quite bright. ****Posted by FARMER tie at 20:10
Jasmine own business opportunity potential in Indonesia. I've been to Purwokerto, Central Java, there are a bunch of people who pursue the jasmine flower. One of them is a pack Sumadi.
He said if the work they are living right now quite s
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya uccessful. Within 4 days, he was able to collect 9 to 10 kg of jasmine flowers. Then dried in the sun to dry the flowers at least 2-3 days after it was sold to a new fence. Price per kg is quite good which is in the range of Rp 90,000 - Rp 100,000. Mr. Sumadi added that if he was able to reap a turnover of USD 4 million to 5 million per month.
Cracks business is what you might consider. With little capital, you can reap a

Harvest Period

Harvest PeriodMost jasmine harvest ranges between 1-2 weeks. Furthermore, the production rate will be decreased and then increased again 2 months8.4. Production Forecast
LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA Jasmine flower production is usually highest during the rainy season, in Central Java, jasmine harvest in the dry season produces 5-10 kg / ha, while the harvest in the rainy season reaches 300-1.000kg/ha. Data jasmine production in Indonesia ranges from 1.5-2 tonnes / ha / yr in the rainy season and 0.7-1 tonnes / ha / yr in the dry season.9. Postharvest9.1. CollectionJasmine flowers in the open will quickly wither to maintain / extend the freshness of flowers were laid in a winnowing tray lined plastic sheet is then stored in the cold room temperature between 0-5 degrees C.9.2. OthersOne of the products of post-harvest processing of jasmine flowers is Jasmine Oil.

Special jasmine oil, the oil extracted from jasmine flowers with petroleum ether solvent, as the raw material of high quality perfume.
Regular jasmine oil, which is oil extracted from jasmine flowers with benzole solvent, as a raw material quality was perfume.
Special pomade oil, oil that is obtained with jasmine enfleurage techniques, hair oil as a raw material.
Oil pomade usual, the oil extracted from jasmine flowers enfleurage former, as technical deodorizer.
Enfleurage technique called smear technique. The working principle of jasmine flower extract the smear technique is as follows:

Apply grease on the surface of thin glass muri.
Put the jasmine flowers are still fresh (new quotes) above the surface of the glass.
Save the thin glass with jasmine flowers in storage racks made of plastic, wood / stainless metal.
Let jasmine flowers for 3-4 days until the flowers wilted.
Jasmine flowers that had wilted immediately
Do it this way would be repeated for 2-3 months until the fat filled jasmine perfume.
Jasmine oil extraction technique can be done by using a hollow tube.

Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Tetra fish farming business potential is still very large

Tetra fish farming business potential is still very large . Aditya Satya has been proved . Since neon tetra fish cultivation since 10 years ago , he has never met reflux market demand . Not only that , the price of fish is also likely to be relatively stabil.Banyak successfully cultivated ornamental fish in Indonesia . One of them neon tetra fish are no less beaBetklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014utiful than the type of koi . Excellence neon tetra , the price is relatively stable . Fun , demand from the export market is still huge and there are still overwhelmed breeder .There are several types of tetra which is popular in the country : tetra green , blue tetra , tetra silver , and neon tetra . Various species of tetra fish is indeed a beautiful look . One of the most famous fish and neon tetra is a great demand .Berhabitat native ornamental fish in the Amazon River , USA , has a neon blue and red lines along the body . As a result , it looks very beautiful fish . Neon tetra maximum body length of about 4 cm .Shape of the male is longer and slimmer than the neon tetra females . The rounded shape of the female fish short with somewhat enlarged abdomen . In male fish , neon straight line , while the females slightly bent neon lines .However , farmers ( breeder ) neon tetra in the country is still very limited . Currently there are only a few breeders in Sawangan neon tetra , Depok , West Java . As for the enlargement of an existing neon tetra in Jakarta , Jakarta , Bali , and Yogyakarta .Aditya Satya , one neon tetra in Sawangan breeder , already 10 years cultivating neon tetra . He was interested in this fish because the demand never subsided . Since the beginning of cultivation until now , the price of fish is also stable . "If the price of the cardinal tetra fish that can go up and down many times , " he said .Baby fish measuring 0.8 cm in 40-day -old appreciated Rp150 per cow . Moderate price 3 cm sized neon tetra reached Rp600 per cow . Capacity belongs to Aditya breeding neon tetra month range 120000-200000 tail .Aditya bred to supply the cooperative peter - nak neon tetra in Sawangan . Cooperative sell approximately 90 % of cultured neon tetra that goes into the exporter who sells to market Singapore , United States , and Europe . The rest of the supplies to local farmers enlargement .Aditya said , other than as ornamental fish , in Europe , Latin name of fish Paracheirodon this innesi silent - bil color substances for cosmetic ingredients . These conditions create a greater demand for Neon Tetra .Business opportunities new more sweet becauseAgen bola berhadiah samsung s4 tiap bulan depo 20rb Indonesia and China were successfully germinate neon tetra . Aditya and breeders neon tetra in Sawangan exporters often able to meet demand . " They want two million per month , whereas the total production of the maximum cooperative one million of them, " he said . ( Kt )