Sabtu, 26 April 2014

Media planting

Good planting medium for potted guava deli is a lot of organic material. Soil or compost that is used is a sterile material that is free of fungus and other pests that could interfere with future plant growth. Cultivated, used manure is manure that has been cooked and is derived from the dirt ungags because it will affect the taste of the fruit. Comparison
Pasang Iklan baris Gratis Tanpa Daftar between soil with manure was 2:1.
c. Spacing Spacing on cultivating guava green deli with tabulampot system is 2 x 3 m or 3 x 3 m. Spacing it is consistent with the morphology of the canopy guava deli. Relatively tight spacing also becomes its own advantages in cultivating guava green deli because in one unit area can ditanamami many deli green guava plants.
d. Treatment Fertilization and pest control becomes the main thing that must be considered in the treatment of water guava green deli. In the first 1-6 months of age, the plants need a lot of elements of N to form productive branches and trunk are solid. To that end, the need for additional nitrogen fertilizer more at the age of 1-6 months. For pest control, spraying 1 month in the dry season and 1-3 weeks during the rainy season. Some pests that commonly attack water cashew deli is green caterpillars, fruit flies, grasshoppers, mites, and fungi.
e. Post-harvest To produce super-quality guava fruit, the planning
Bisnis from the start of flowering to be programmed, ranging from fruit thinning, selection ovaries, up to pemrongkosan. Harvesting is planned aiming to get maximum fruit and levels so that consumers desired doneness according to market demand.

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