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Make prospective queen bee

Make prospective queen bee

1 Take honey bee larvae newly hatched; the age of 1 day.

2 Put into a one-piece frame royal jelly.

3 Frame the royal jelly honey bee larvae already filled is
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4. Bulkhead / separate box super bee honey, queen bees are in the bottom box, and frames royal jelly honey bee queen candidates are placed on the box top. Thus, the queen honey bee can not approach a potential queen honey bees.

5. Let stand for 11 days until the candidate becomes the queen bee pupae.

6 After eleven days, prospective bee queen bee boxes were transferred to besisi bee colony without the queen.

7 After 13 days, the candidates came out queen bee cocoons and immediately appointed as the queen bee by the bee colony

8 Usually, after a week, the queen bee is ready to mate and develop new bee colonies in the area.

Beekeeping equipment honey

1 box of bees, which is a honey bee colony, made ​​of wood or mahogany suren;
2 pengasap tool to tame aggressive honey bees;
3 Protective Mask attacks the honey bee;
4 Levers strokes;
5. brush strokes of honey bees;
6 strokes made ​​of wood frame and in the middle of the wire as a drag given the honeycomb foundation;
7 Pollen traps to harvest bee pollen;
8 Frame to harvest royal jelly royal jelly and queen bees make candidates;
9. extractor to harvest honey.

Grazing honeybees

Between the months of May to September is the honey bee beekeepers tending plantations to provide enough feed honey bees.

Honey beekeepers on the island of Java, generally, tending to honeybees rubber, kapok, rambutan, longan, mango, coffee, and Duwet, so the honey is produced based on the specification of the type of interest.

Between May hinga this September when the honey beekeepers enjoy "sweet" income from honey bees, such as honey from a variety of flowers, bee pollen, and royal jelly.

After September, honey beekeepers experiencing lean times, because the honey season is over. To cover the cost of maintenance of honey bee, generally,
BosPoker.com Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya farmers tending bees to farm corn. Here, honey beekeepers can produce corn pollen and royal jelly.

Constraints commonly faced honey beekeepers

1 natural factors (weather).

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