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 BENEFITS OF RABBIT Regarding the benefits derived from rabbit fur and meat are now starting to sell well in the market. Moreover, it can be used jg For fertilizer, crafts and animal feed. RABBIT FARMING LOCATION REQUIREMENTS
Agen Casino OnlineNear sources of water, far from the residence, interference-free smoke, odors, noise and protected from predators. RABBIT FARMING TECHNICAL GUIDELINES Noteworthy within rabbit farming is an appropriate site preparation, manufacture cages, provision of seeds and feed supply. 1. Preparation Facilities and Equipment Function as a breeding ground enclosure with ideal temperature 21 ° C, the air circulation smoothly, the old ideal lighting 12 hours and protect livestock from predators. According to usability, cage rabbit cage can be divided into the parent. For parent / adult rabbit or parent & children, male cages, specially For males with larger sizes & Cages weaning children. groups to avoid early marriage separation between males and females. Cage measuring 200x70x70 cm 50 cm high pedestal sufficient to tail betina/10 12 males. Children enclosure (box litter) size of 50x30x45 cm. According to the rabbit cage shape is divided into: Enclosure postal system, without pengumbaran pages, placed within the room and suitable for young rabbits. Enclosure system ranch; equipped with pengumbaran page. Battery cages; cage-like rows where one cage For construction of the tail with Flatdech Battery (lined), Tier Battery (multilevel), Agen Judi BolaPyramidal Battery (pyramid stacking). Equipment enclosure that is needed is the feeding and drinking are shatter resistant and easy to clean. 2. Nurseries For livestock dependent terms of the main objectives of the rabbit breeding. to foment the kind of feather types Angora, American Chinchilla and Rex is a suitable animal. Moderate to foment the kind of Belgian meat, Californian, Flemish Giant, Havana, Himalayan & New Zealand is suitable livestock kept. 1. Election seeds and brood When the farm aims For meat, selected types of rabbit body weight and height with perdagingan good, whereas a clear coat to foment choose seeds that have the genetic potential for good hair growth. Specifically For both should have the properties of high fertility, not easily nervous, no defects, eye clean and well maintained, the fur is not dull, agile / active move. 2. & Seed Treatment brood Treatment of seed determines the quality of a good parent anyway, therefore the primary care needs attention is the provision of adequate food, setting and sanitation as well as cages to prevent the cage from outside interference. 3. Systems Pemuliabiakan To get a better offspring and maintain specific properties within the breeding distinguished three categories, namely:
Agen Bola TerpercayaIn Breeding (inbreeding), to maintain and highlight the specific nature of the fur example, the proportion of meat.

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