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Inefficient methods SEOearch That Again

Very many methods of Search Engine Optimation methods are used , there is a great risk , there is little risk , there is a positive risk , there
Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Onlineis a negative risk , and there are efficient and inefficient again .
Inefficient methods SEOearch That Again

Currently Search Engine Optimation tricks guide novice blogger can not share the same or original , the method of Search Engine Optimation yant not efficient anymore ..

Here's the method - the method :

1 . Link exchange or link exchange .

Google robot can assume a natural backlinks / good ones among the characteristic features of these backlinks are one way links . and can be interpreted today 's exchange links inefficient method again , if one way links . and there are some nice , the link wheel method , as well as link pyramids .

2 . Optimization meta keywords (keywords ) .

Past 2009 years Google has confirmed this question : even google does not use meta keywords (keywords ) to ensure search ranking and web ranking . if you rely on meta keywords (keywords ) to increase Search Engine Optimation , like that has been touted by many tutorials , the same you wasting time on endless effort . why ? because the search engines like google upscale , bing and yahoo ( which is the current " foster children " bing . before while simultaneously bing , yahoo still read the meta keywords (keyword ) ) , though not using the meta keywords (keywords ) as a parameter .

3 . Spamming .
Which we certainly know , a lot of blog sites - blog site keeps track of the position of the shortcut path to boost their articles with spamming method . taukah you ? ? ? This method is very risky at all , many bloggers are removed comes from the flow of the contest blog site Search Engine Optimation , because the contestant Search Engine Optimation inclined to wear these risky methods .

4 . Keywords (keywords ) stuffing .

Keywords (keywords ) stuffing seen from the language course was clear when the meaning of stuffing that is filling or compressing . then the sense of the word (keyword ) here are stuffing keywords (keywords ) or keywords in the content of continuous or repeated keywords . and this step is often done by a blogger - blogger blogs pingin manipulate

Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online with Search Engine Optimation - even they did not hesitate to do the trick Search Engine Optimation , shoot some naughty bloggers Search Engine Optimation with keywords (keywords ) stuffing blindly without thinking of the effect that they can afford .

5 . Create a short article .

I have the old routine like this ? , Removed the old routine difficult . we already know that the length of the content which may encourage or push up position written article .

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