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Pari Island entry in the Thousand Islands area of ​​Southern berkabupaten in the Thousand Islands of Jakarta province

Pari Island entry in the Thousand Islands area of ​​Southern berkabupaten in the Thousand Islands of Jakarta province . Pari Island is a wonderful tourist attraction as well as a place that allows you to learn about one of the marine resources that exist in pulau pari Indonesia . Pari Island is famous as a place of research and on the island has established Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) which undertakes research in the interests of nature conservation on the island . You want to travel to the island pari please contact us as soon as possible
Price per pax for 2 days 1 night :

> 10 pax = Rp 330.000/pax
facilities :

Ship transport p / p ( Muara Angke - Pari Island )
Accommodation / Homestay AC
eating 3x
leisurely bike
Complete Snorkling tools
Ship to the spot for snorkeling waters . ( 3 snorkeling spots: Stars Rama , APL , front dock )
Snorkling Companion (Guide Sea )
The tour guide ( tour guide )
We have prepared barbeque
Insurance .
  pasir pulau pari  
Underwater Camera
Streets To Shore Sand Virgin
The roads to the Mount of the Sun
The roads to LIPI
requirements :

Confirmation / booking later than 2 weeks before D-day
Provide a minimum of 20 % DP ( Redemption at Pari Island )At first we got there , there was one group that had set up camp. And the next day , full pantaipun other tents . After setting up camp , we sampled swim at Sand Beach Virgin . The water is clear and salted of course .
While playing sand at the beach , we were attacked by a swarm of locals children . Apparently they want to be friends with us . From that day on , we were always being followed everywhere. They become our close friends there .

With the children of local residentsUnlike other backpacker group , we deliberately did not bring cooking jalan ke pulau pari appliance for not complicated . As a result , our food over there only instant noodles + white rice . Eating salted fish at last night just feels so luxurious . My advice , if you vacation there again , should carry cooking equipment and adequate logistical due to very less varied culinary there .
Monday, December 31, 2012
The weather today is quite sunny . We spent half a day to wander mangrove forest in the middle of the ocean by boat . I and Hardi who became nakhodanya , while Dinda so photographers only. Boat rental price 30 thousand / unlimited . If you use a guide / oarsman so 50 thousand .

Mangrove forest surroundsAfter lunch , we went to the dock to rent snorkeling equipment . Tool rental price 25 thousand / person ( snorkel , goggles , floats and frog legs ) . Because only three of them , considered expensive to hire about 250 thousand ships / boats , we decided to snorkel around the dock alone , said local people , underwater scenery around the pier is pretty good peluang usaha online .

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