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Website merupakan media promosi

Website is highly appropriate media campaign at the same time professional employees in the business world. Almost every company using the services of the website, so even consumers who always choose / find the goods and products they need pulau tidung to terlebuh first searching on the internet. based on that people want to make a website, they automatically have to learn things related to the creation of websites such as: - HTMLPemrograman WEB (PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.) - Database - Client Side Programming (JavaScript, VBScript, etc.) - Graphic Design (Photoshop, Corel, etc.) - Software for the layout (Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, etc.) And to learn all this dibtuhkan a very long time and the process is so exhausting. In conclusion, a lot of things we need to know before creating a website. For that here we will share the easiest way how to make a website! namely by using Joomla.
What is Joomla? Maybe for those who are not familiar with joomla, joomla is very difficult. But once we get to know and learn, we will know how easy a website was created just by using Joomla. Broadly speaking, Joomla consists of three basic elements, namely a web server (webserver), PHPMySql scripts. The web server is assumed to be connected to the Internet / Intranet that serves as a service provider sites. PHP scripts consist of program code in PHP language and content databases are stored. Joomla uses Apache as the web server and MySQL database addressable and database. In addition to the ease in making it, many other facilities of this koomla, among others, are as follows: - Free (Free or Free) Learning joomla do not need to pay that much. Because Joomla can be obtained only by downloading via the Internet without any cost at all. - Easy to Manage Website Content. Joomla is easier to use and manage, because in joomla have given Facility that make it easier for Web site developers to use and manage Joonla. - Ease of replacing the contents of a Website. Display or commonly called Joomla templates sangalah many and varied in accordance with the Joomla version we use. That ease of Joomla are given.
Here are the ways to make Joomla, before we make sebuat websites using Joomla, we must first install it. However to install Joomla, we need to first install xampp. Here's how to install xampp:
Before installing Joomla, we need a server, so that Joomla can be installed and run on a local computer without having to connect to the internet. How to install it as follows:
1. Double-click the icon you have XAMPP or right click on the file it open XAMPP.
2. Indonesian Select the preferred language used.
3. pulau tidung travel Ok Kilik 4. Click next on the page setup wizard
5. Click Install
6. The installation process will run. If you already seselai, click Finish. After clicking Finish, a message like the following:
7. Click No so that XAMPP does not enter into the process of servicing the computer operating system. Thus, the computer is not burdened as a result of XAMPP running constantly.
8. Click Yes, if you want to immediately run the server XAMPP control panel.
9. Thus, the XAMPP server installation process has been completed.
So how to install XAMPP. Then we will proceed with installing Joomla. But before we have to run the XAMPP server first.
After installing XAMPP, the next step is to install Joomla, but before we had to run Apache and MySql service beforehand.
The trick is as follows:
1. Open XAMPP via Start - All Programs - Apachefriends - XAMPP - XAMPP Control Panel service. 2. Click Start on the Apache. 3. Click Start on the MySql. So XAMPP has been running.
After running Apache and MySQL service, investasi online then we can install Joomla. Here is how to install Joomla:
1. Create a folder in C - Program Files - XAMPP - htdocs. In this example, create a folder Joomla.
2. Copy the entire contents of the folder Joomla from the Internet. 3. Open the browser and type localhost / joomla. then press enter. Automatically opens the index.php file in the folder joomla / instalation. then click next.
4. Complete the form.
5. Complete the form fields - Database Type: mysql - Host name: localhost - Username: root - Password: (blank) - Database Name: zaelanidb (sample)
6. Click next. Then click OK when all the entries are correct.
7. Enter the name of the site (that will appear in the title bar). For example, http://www.zaelaniakbar.com 8. Then fill in your email address and password change given (Will become admin password. 9. Click the Install Sample Data.
10. Click next.
11. Click view site to see which web pages you have created. You are prompted to delete the Installation folder to be able to access sites that have been created. Open the back window explorer and delete folder in the folder joomla instalation.
12. Refresh Internet Explorer (press the F5 key). View the main page of Joomla.
13. To change / set the display and its contents, can be done at the administrator. - Enter your username and password.
14. The main view that contains the administrator control panel, which then can be changed according to our needs to build a website.
15. Before setting up anything else, you should first set the Global Configuration. 16. Display website after the change agen wisata pulau tidung . *** Good luck! ..

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