Rabu, 02 April 2014

Thus , according to Day , every month you can refinance

Thus , according to Day , every month you can refinance without having overshadowed by the fear of default, and the seizure of homes , as is often feared when menyicil a bank . " All you need is personal integrity to pay off debts without interest, " said Day
Saving the gold dinar . If you already know the home you want and the price , which in turn should do is save to achieve that price - for example Rp 300 million . But the problem is, when you've got the money Rp 300 million - are saved for three years to buy a house, the house price billowing be more than you already fund . In other 
ituDomino.com JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA   words, come whenever you can not have the house of your dreams .
The solution , according to Day , is to save in the form of gold or gold dinar coins in coin weighs 4.25 grams . In the past , in the 7th century AD , a gold dinar coin can buy a goat , today with the gold dinar coin while still being able to buy the best lamb sekor . " This means that during the period of 14th century there was no inflation , " said Day .
So , say you have 148 gold dinar coin , where the purchasing power of the dinar coins per 5 August 2013 AD is Rp 2.03 million , - ( according www.wakalanusantara.com ) the house at the price of Rp 300 million in three years has gone up enough significant , we will still be able to buy , but even there the rest to be able to buy more furniture .
How, after accumulating 148 gold dinar coin , find a house whose owners want to be paid to the use of the gold dinar coins .

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