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Indonesia is a developing country which has a relatively high unemployment rate in the labor force .

Indonesia is a developing country which has a relatively high unemployment rate in the labor force . So do not be surprised if aIDRPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAlot of people around us who are unemployed or working with the salary or wages of the very small is not sufficient for the needs of family life . Many also want to get out of work to get a larger salary or just want to find a new working environment better . There are currently very difficult to find a job that really fit our desires . Instead we are forced to adjust to the existing state of the world of work .

1 . Understanding the Power of Self- Potential

What the hell can we do and what we like ? If we have an educational background as a physician , but we feel gifted to be a doctor and on the other side of us is a hobby disseminate health information to others . From there we could be a health consultant or bisnis internet online  writer of books , newspapers , health magazines .

Latent abilities can sometimes be a lifesaver . For example, someone who graduates accounting talent / skills to sell something , then he can become a company's product sales as a first step . Only after proven ability as a salesman , we might be able to ask for a transfer or assigned to the finance department , still be part-time sales to hone the skills of our accounting .

2 . Know Where There Job Opportunities

We can know there are jobs from newspapers , the internet , friends , family , and so forth . When there is a chance that we could try to apply for the job . To be sure we need to know the potential of ourselves first. If we have not got work experience perhaps we should be ready to work in any position because the work was very different from the world of school and college . Theoretical education

Which would have been much better if we went to work rather than chasing our job , because when offered a job by a relative or friend we could ask to find out what we 'll work and how the salaries , allowances , bonuses , incentives , etc. other . While the work that we find in the mass media we probably will not be told anything by the company .

If the company is able to why not create your own? If we had easy access to capital , there is a potential business ideas , family or friends who are ready to help , facilities and infrastructure available , the full support and encouragement received from various parties , and so it would not hurt us to try . Remember , failure is the beginning of success . By creating our own business auto jobs have opened at least for ourselves. Dig knowledge from people who have had experience as a provision in business .

3 . Prepare for Everything

Want to work else we need capital . When applying for a job at least we made ​​a cover letter , cv along with attachments ranging from job seekers yellow card , passport photo , police record certificate , copy of ID card , diploma , transcripts, family cards , sim , and others . At the time of the interview call we need good clothes . Once received any work we also need some ensemble work uniforms etc. until we get the first salary and benefits .

No less important is to prepare us mentally bisnis online murah as job interviews , when the first days in a new job , when it comes to socializing with co-workers , when scolded by the boss or senior staff , when faced with conflict or work problems , and so forth . If we are mentally strong coupled with the nature of good behavior , then it is likely to endure work is quite large . If the mentally weak in the head then we just wanted to look for another job or moving parts in order to adapt to the new atmosphere .

4 . Mastering Trick - Trick For Work Accepted

Be diligent search for the information world of work through reading books , magazines , newspapers , and so on to find out how the people who are looking for a company to fill the vacant position . Learn to be a person who sought companies . Learn about examples of academic potential test , psychological test , job interview , and so forth . all the time will help us in getting a job .

With these tricks we learned plays alias pretending to be someone else who is considered superior by job seekers . When in fact maybe we are just ordinary people who are lazy to work . Because the companies do not see ourselves as a whole , the job seekers was fine if create and execute specific strategies acceptable to simply work .


Hopefully this short article can provide benefits for all of us who read it . Work was good once hired . If there is an opportunity to create your own business toIDRPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAhelp support our work . Do not be easily influenced by the lure of higher income in moving the work elsewhere because it could have an atmosphere and a new corporate culture that does not suit us . Good luck finding the right job according talents , interests and abilities .

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