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The preparation of organic fertilizer

The preparation of organic fertilizerThe problem of organic farming in Indonesia in line with the development of organic farming itself. Organic farming requires absolute organic fertilizer as a source of chaos . In organic farming systems , nutrient availability for plants shoulSARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAd be from organic fertilizer . But in the organic fertilizer nutrient content per unit weight of dry material far below the realist chaos produced by inorganic fertilizers , such as Urea , TSP and KCl .
3.2 . technology supportOnce the problem is the provision of organic fertilizer , the other major problem is organic agriculture cultivation technology itself. Techniques cultivate crops such as choosing the right crop rotation by considering the effect allelopati and determination of life cycle of mites should be known. Knowledge of plants which contribute burly crop plants such as legumes as nitrogen contributors and other nutrient elements is very helpful to the sustainability of organic farmland . The blight prevention technology is also very necessary , especially in the cultivation of organic farming in the rainy season.

DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA 3.3 . marketingMarketing of organic products in the state so far this is just based on the belief of both parties , consumers and producers . As for marketing overseas , Indonesia remains confidential organic products penetrate international markets although there are several players who have come through the international market . The main obstacle is the product certification by a certifying body that fits the standard of a country that will be going. Due to limitations of facilities and infrastructure , especially related to product quality standards , predominately organic agricultural products is reversible meet domestic market still has a large enough market share . There is a lot of each label products as organic products , but the fact many are still mixing organic fertilizer with chemical fertilizer and pesticide use less . Farmers actually implement organic farming course will perish in this.
For several decades this has been a shift in the pattern and cropping system on our farming community , which results in change and environmental degradation are global in nature , not only on land but also in water and air. Below are a few of the influence of environmental damage to many areas , including:
a. healthThe consequences of environmental change, in turn impact on human health of human endurance where the disease is declining, and arisen types - types of bacteria and new viruses and bacterial resistance and the relative rise of a n


ew virus against drugs .
b . Justice and ProtectionCompared with the past, the present age there is a decrease of kwalitas or the quantity of the product from the plant , resulting in impacts on the income of the farmers , in which there was an increase of capital , but was not accompanied with adequate results . The emergence of new strains of crop pests and diseases .
c . financialDuring this time we see the advantage of the farmers harvest was not entirely accepted by the farmers , only about 20 % - 30 % as a result of the harvest , others disappear just like that, it was due to lack of capital of the farmers. The lack of assistance in the form of capital and credit POSITION from the government and the Bank.
From the observations of the four cases above, we can conclude what the cause of all the changes , even the cultivation of non- compliance wi
SayaPoker.com Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia th the provisions , the application of chemical fertilizer and pesticide use inappropriate procedures , lack of knowledge about environmental health (google search : Organic Farmers Partner Board )

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